Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gettin' back my groove & feelin' my oats!

Rosemary/Pear Scones

Last week on Food Network I saw Giada make these savory/sweet scones and I knew I had to try them. Hers were made with strawberry jam, but I improvised with pear preserves, cause pear preserves are what I had!
Giada's were also cut with a heart shaped cookie cutter, making them a perfect Valentine's Day sweet!
Not too sweet, definitely not too savory, these are so just right!
Subtle rosemary flavor marries perfectly with the lemon glaze drizzled over the top.
Perfect with a fresh cup of morning coffee.
If they last that long.

Homemade Croutons ready to bake

I think I'm getting back my groove.
I'm back on my feet (no more walker OR cane!) and back in the kitchen, which is the BEST feeling ever!
Tonight we are having a huge salad with leftover pieces of chicken parmesan and homemade tomato soup with home baked croutons.

THIS feels so good!


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Pam said...

I am glad you are getting back to cooking. The scones look pretty and delicious. Homemade croutons are the best.

Vickie said...

What time are you having supper? I'll be there with bells on!

Your yogurt looks pretty yummy, too. Will you be having any of that for dessert? ;)

I DO want to check out that movie. I saw it advertised on TV and just have to see what it's all about. All the "food issues" are really on my mind of late and we're trying to simplify at my house, too.

Take care! See you about 6-ish???

cityfarmer said...

... be right over ... a perfect snowy evening meal

homemade vegetable beef barley soup over here ...

Farmchick said...

Looks yummy! :) Oh and I LOVE homemade croutons...they are simply THE best! Stop over. ;)

Melodie said...

That looks great! Glad you are back on your feet !

Mrs. P. said...

YUM...I am a self professed Sconeaholic. These look wonderful.

I am all about making homemade bread I make can go to waste, lol. We just love the homemade ones!

Good to see you posting :)


Dawn said...

Yay! So glad you are doing better!

K-Falls Farmgirl Cheryl said...

Oh my what a great blog for me to follow. Got here through Eggs in my pocket.. I will be following yours now for sure. Thanks for sharing such great things.

Donna said...

Yeah!!! Glad that you are walking on your own now! You're right on schedule!

Gwynie Pie said...

I made soup for supper as well - spicy chicken tomato.

Those scones look amaaaazing ! With a cup of coffee - yummo!

So very glad you are getting your groove back!! Yea!!!

Gwyn Rosser
The Pink Tractor

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I am so glad to hear you are up and around and back in the 'Office' as I call my kitchen! It all looks yummy and you are such an adventurous cook!

I wish we were neighbors....I'd come over to mooch a scone and a cuppa! Ha!

Maria said...

Hi Cindy~ So glad your "oats" are coming back strong! and a few oats might be okay to add to the scone recipe :) I just printed it...

I love to make scones... I can make them on Saturday and they're fabulous for Sunday morning too...

Take Care dear ♥ Maria

Accidental Huswife said...

Yum! And glad about those oats! :)

debylynne said...

YAY!!!!!! you go girl. we are having chicken parmesan tonight, so, if there is any left!!!! i just might do the salad deal tomorrow - sounds good! i'm gonna make the scones - i am i am - cause i have strawberry jam i need to use right away! AND, i have some lovely fresh rosemary, too. made some WONDERFUL garlic rolls last night from of the pioneer woman's site - they were a huge hit and we are having the rest tonight. love you, girl!

Lindah said...

Glad to hear you're groovin' again! :-) Those scones sound really good!

Janean said...

sounds like you're getting back to your normal routine and painfree living again!! whoohooo.

Joycee said...

I bet your house smells Heavenly! I love, love rosemary so will have to try these..