Monday, February 15, 2010

Lamb Korma...YUMMO!

Lamb Korma on Naan

I've said it in the past, I am a recipe thief.
I hang out at food blogs, looking for something special to make my own, and have come up with some fabulous finds.
THIS is another winner.
I spotted it yesterday over at Noble Pig (who got it from Food Network), and knew I had all the necessary ingredients at hand.
(Noble Pig left out one little step, so I looked up the recipe at Food Network)
I swapped out the ground chicken for ground lamb (which was an option) that we had bought at our last outing at the Farmer's Market in the fall, and I was raring to go.
The original recipe calls for pita bread, but I knew my homemade Naan would be even better.
I was right.
The Naan takes very little time to put together and is the perfect vehicle for the Korma.
I also added 1 diced halapeno to the paste, and next time will add 2.
We like it spicy, but not over the top wicked.
We did NOT use the chopped cashews, and personally don't think the dish needs them.
But you be the judge for yourself.
I, and the rest of the gang, thought this was outstanding, and it is definitely a dish I will make again and again.

This is Indian food without being too Indian, if you know what I mean.
Spicy, but not too intense.
Something even the kids would like!

I love it when I find a real gem!

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cityfarmer said...

me no thinks me would like this ...
I'm wishing i was more adventurous, but, alas I am not ...

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Well, I am just adventurous to try it and I like most everything! Sounds wonderful..and the peppers added really make it sound wonderful. Thanks for the suggestion and also thanks for that sweet comment you left on my TEA post. :)

Maria said...

"Spicy, but not too intense!"
Just the way life ought to be ;o)

Glad you're 'raring to go!'
~take care~

FlowerLady said...

This sounds delicious, especially with using lamb. Thanks for both recipes.


Anne Marie said...

I can honestly say I have never cooked with lamb before.......

thanks for stopping by! why didn't you come Sat??

KathyB. said...

I think I will be trying this, the cute little lambs around here do grow up and a few little wethers ( castrated males ) sad to say, are tasty additions to the freezer. So delicious lamb dishes are always welcome. Thanks!

A Big Bowl Of Cherries said...

This looks sooo good! You know how I love Indian cuisine tho'. It was good to see you last night. Hope you have a nice weekend!

Amy said...

ok not a fan of lamb:(
but am a HUGE fan of yours;)
congrats on your award;)
I'm so happy you are getting back to yourself;)
I <3 you!

Tracie said...

Hey FarmGirlCyn! Thanks to your encouragement, I have finally put a few pictures into my new blog! I am very slowly getting the hang of this... the learning curve is very steep! I appreciate your help! I hope you are feeling better... MyLifeInStages