Friday, April 02, 2010


The high yesterday was 87F!
Warmer than any place in Florida!
Never mind that next week it's back in the 40's.
For now I am living for the moment!

Sam and his cousin Adam, fishing in our dinky pond.

Played a few games of one-on-one.

Notice his shoes?
One beat up sneaker, one swim shoe.
Can't seem to find the matching pair anywhere!

Whole wheat soaked tortillas on cast iron griddle

I simply cannot pay what they are asking for store bought, whole wheat tortillas, so I made my own.
Found the recipe at Passionate Homemaker's blog, and the only thing I did different from hers was I did not grease my griddle.
I found an old cast iron griddle a few weeks ago at the Goodwill, and it worked perfectly for these.
They are not especially pretty to look at, but then I've nearly always gone for the more rustic look in my cooking!

Black bean/chicken/cheese burrito

I had bought an organic chicken (nearly $4.00 per #) from the grocers a couple days before and got several meals out of it.
Good thing, eh?
Roasted chicken the 1st day. (served 2 as no kids were around0
Chicken soup the 2nd day. (served 4, and we all had 2nds!)
Burritos the 3rd day. (served 5)
The burritos were just thrown together from a pkg. of black beans I had cooked up and froze in ziplocs a few weeks ago.
Toss in the leftover chicken, cut up tiny.
A good handful of chopped cilantro.
The juice of 1 whole lime.
A bit of cumin.
Oh. My. Word.
SO good!

A $15.00 chicken.
Divided by 11 servings = $1.36 per serving!

Stretching a buck...does it get any better than this?

Have a MOST blessed Resurrection Day!

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kansasrose said...

Happy blessed Easter Cyn! Missin' our blogging days. Happy Spring too! xo Jen

CountryBlessings@Lakewood said...

Don't you just love this weather!!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a special Easter.

Faith said...

I'm loving this weather, too. 86 right now and I am really sunburnt from working outside!

Your tortillas look really good. Why do you soak them? I've not heard of doing that.


Dawn said...


Sounds so good!

Enjoy the warm weather AND a wonderful Resurrection Sunday!
Dawn xo

Donna said...

Looks delicious! It got up to 84 degrees here today. Whew! Glad to see some warmer weather after that tough winter.

Easter blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

You are right. Yesterday Sarasota had around 77 degrees and I was still wearing a jacket part of the day.

Farmchick said...

I make my own tortillas too. I have a recipe on my blog. Anyway, just stopped by to wish you a Happy Easter! :)

Mimi from French Kitchen said...


Wow. Up here we hit the 60s.

And we were delighted.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Have a great weekend!
He is Risen Indeed! Happy Easter!

Maria said...

Hi Cindy! Yes those organic chicks are delicious! They have so much less fat... {from their healthy diet and exercise}
Looks like Sam and his cousin started April VERY well! Love the sun sparkles on the water~

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

Lovely and warm here too.
Wishing you a special Easter Sunday.
love Louise

Have Courage said...

Hi! I recognize you from Watchman's Cry! We just made some Chapati which is basically whole wheat tortillas, it was a lot of fun. Love your blog!

the wild magnolia said...

Say what? Frugal, say yes! Yummy mmmmm.