Wednesday, April 07, 2010

That's my story...and I'm stickin' to it!

38 years, and counting

I was given a Beautiful Blogger award by Mimi, from "French Kitchen in America" and now must tell you all 7 things about myself that you might not know.
And personally, one of the hardest things about blogging is not remembering how you got to where you are!
For the life of my I have no idea what bunny trail I took to find Mimi, but whenever it was, and it was quite a while ago, we've been friends ever since.
I bet most of you have NO idea how you found me here...right?

Since my life is pretty much an open book, I am thinking long and hard about this!

Okay....Did you know I am a leftie?
I write with my left, iron (ha ha) with my left, but bat with my right!

I met Pete just after my 16th birthday and married him just weeks after my 18th.

On a good day I am only 5 ft tall.

I started running when I was 52 years old and ran my 1st 5k just a few months later.
(no more running...doctors orders)

My kids tease me cause I am always telling them about a "new friend" I just met.
Likely it was someone at a garage sale, cashier at the grocers, or even the internet.
"Here we go has a 'new friend'!"
I'm sure I've told them about some of YOU!

I make my own...
noodles, yogurt, bar soap, laundry soap, bread, sauerkraut, kombucha (1st batch is fermenting now!), dog food,....
and occasionally I even make my own bed!

I watch American Idol.
(did I just say that???)

I SHOULD pass this on to 7 deserving others, but quite frankly I can't pick just 7!
So, if you're so inclined, give us your top 7!


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Jane said...

It was fun learning more about you! I am a lefty too and I also bat right handed. I also use scissors with my right hand but iron with my left (eat with my left too).
Married at 18!! What a young bride. You two look very happy together.

Kristy said...

First of all, I can hardley believe you admitted to watching American Idol! Ha! (I watch it too... it is currently auto-tuned for tonight) ;)
Okay that's 1, here's the rest... (2)I have played the drums since the 5th grade and I love it! (3) I sing to my dogs (4) I didn't get married until I was 36 (it was worth the wait)(5) My nick-name growing up was "the brat" (6) I am ALWAYS too busy for my husbands taste (7) I am passionate about the salvation of my loved ones.
So, there you go!

Maria said...

That was a fun list, Cindy! I watched a season of idol once... it was fun! We haven't watched it for the last two seasons because we got super addicted until the end ;o)

You are such a friendly person, Cindy, I'm not surprised you meet and befriend new people often!
*Blessings Always*

melissadc76 said...

Love reading fun little facts about people. How else would we know all of that?
<3 Melissa

Camille said...

You are a joy to know Cindy and I am glad I found you! I think it was through Michelle ~ She Looketh Well...the blog party last fall?? Anyway, your list was fun and interesting! Wow...I am nearly 6 feet tall, we would be quite the pair hey? :)

Have a wonderful evening!

A Big Bowl Of Cherries said...

Only 5 feet tall? You look so much taller in photos! ;)
Just messin' w/ ya.

Mari said...

Fun getting to learn more about you, Cindy. You are pretty amazing at all the things you make yourself.

CountryBlessings@Lakewood said... makes me wonder why we watch American Idol and feel lame admitting it. That would be a whole discussion for another day! ;)

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

I enjoyed your list, I'm not surprised you are always finding new friends !!Have a great week
Louise x

Cheryl said...

Was fun to learn more about you. I am also a lefty. My dh is also a lefty but both of our kids are right handed, go figure ;o) I can see why you are always making new friends! Have a great day!

Patty said...

Congratulations on your award!

Have Courage said...

Also mostly a lefty although can do a lot with both hands, scissors ironing and such. My dh is also a lefty, more so than me, and our three kiddos are all right handed...although the middle kid eats with his left hand...

Loved reading your list! :o)

Anonymous said...

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