Sunday, September 05, 2010

Can you smell it? Nearly Autumn!!!

Homemade 100% whole wheat bread!

My friend and neighbor, Michelle, showed me how to make this incredible bread a few months ago, but I have put it off till cooler weather.
Cooler weather is here. For now.
So today I made 2 loaves of bread to go with Eggplant Parmesan. (no pic...just take my word for it....delicioso!) of my favorite vegetables....finally comin' in at the CSA.
Maybe some ratatouille this week?

Autumn Clematis

I bought this one measly plant 3 or 4 years ago and put it in the courtyard in a corner of the garden.
Each year it has grown bigger and bigger.
This year it has taken over the entire corner and has almost totally engulfed the Jens Monk shrub rose. Which is about 8 or 9 feet tall.
When the rest of the garden is looking all scruffy and sad.

Flowering Autumn Clematis

In another week the entire bush will be bloomin'!

Heirloom tomatoes, fresh off the vine

Are these not just about the most beautiful colors ever?
So autumnal!

Twinkly lights on the mantle

Now that the sun is setting a bit earlier, and the nights are getting cooler, I thought it was time to turn on the twinkle.

Lots going on here at the farmette.

Busy as ever in the kitchen.

And a mess of stuff bringin' me to my knees in prayer.

Praise God for Jesus.
Just sayin'.

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Camille said...

Dear Cindy ~ Such a great post! Don't you just *love* the seasons? Your bread looks scrumtious! AND fall is definitely in the air around here too. I am looking forward to a little "comfort" food...yum yum!

How beautiful your mantle is!

AND yes...thank the LORD for our precious Saviour! Praying for you as you pray...the LORD knows and hears and answers prayer...hang in there! :)


Jeremiah 29:11-14a

Faith said...

Ah, I've been comforting myself with too much food lately. I wish I could cook and bake all kinds of stuff, but not eat it! LOL

Your place looks absolutely wonderful, Cyn. I love the lights. It's still a little too warm here for them, but yesterday I was able to leave the windows open for the first time since April, and I did light some candles last week when it rained. I'm like you, ready for a change in weather.

Your tomatoes looks so great. My crop was such a failure this year. I hope to get a better one next time. There is always next year. Can you imagine the crops we'll get when we garden during the 1000 year reign? Way cool!

It's all about our relationship with Him, Cyn. I remind myself of that all the time. No matter what comes, the only thing that matters, the only thing I can do anything about, is how I respond to them by trusting Him. He'll take care of it all in the best way possible when He has our complete attention and love.

It just takes so long for it all to be resolved sometimes. My prayers are with you, Sis. Many hugs.


Janie B said...

I can smell that loaf of bread! Those tomatoes look tasty, too. Great post. Best wishes for your troubles.

cityfarmer said...

ooohhh ... with a slab of sharp white cheddar, or dunk-ed in some homemade tomato soup ...
will HAVE to try the bread ...soon

teenagehealthfreak said...

your bread looks great! wow...your plants look so healthy..wish i had some of those tomatoes!!!! i love fall...PUMPKIN AND SWEET POTATOES are in!! yay!!!! Love the song on this post!!! have a great nite! :)

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Woke up to temps in the fifties today! Baking is in the air. Tomorrow supposed to be in the 80's though. Your bread looks great, and I love the Pyrex dish! Love the mantle - loved everything about this post. : < >

sawn61 said...

Yes, I can smell it now. I remember the first bread maker I had. We threw a batch in that night. I think it was Christmas Eve night, and had fresh baked bread for Christmas morning that year.I may drag it out once more and give it another try.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I can smell that bread from down under! I also like eggplant but wish I could persuade the rest of the family that it is indeed a tasty vegetable. We have just harvested paw paw (papaya) and have so many from just two trees it's been paw paw cakes, muffins, raw salads and smoothies - something with paw paw in it every day for the past week. Oh the joys of living in a semi tropical climate.
About to go and make my sourdough to rise overnight - will you be able to smell it over there I wonder!?

Cheryl said...

I can almost smell that bread, it looks sooooo good!

Fall is in the air here too, I love this time of year.

Pioneer Beauty said...

Dear Cindy,
I love the bread but I must say my eyes went straight to the lovely dish it was sitting in...the bread looks yummy too...I have been itching to get my bread making going again Now that were starting to cool off...Summer is deffinately over-rated...Fall is so much fun with all it's Baking Warmth...

In Christ
Your Dear Computer Nut


KathyB. said...

Oh yes, I can smell it! Autumn in the air. Crisp air, crisp apples, sweet smoke of home hearths. Fresh bread baking to accompany the soups and stews of Autumn, Yes, I can smell it~

Beautiful mantle .