Sunday, October 31, 2010

That's What I love about Sundays...

Pepere, Alex, and Memere

We had nearly all the kids here today for Sunday supper.
Alex was awake for a long time, looking and smiling at us.
Tho he can't cry anymore, he can still make tiny sounds, and he was cooing and nearly laughing as Pete was playing with his tootsies.

Alex and his Memere

We are cherishing each and every precious minute with our little grandson.
We both put up a good front while everyone is here, but later...
we are both wiping tears.

It's hard.

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Julie said...

such a sweet precious little boy. and a lovely photo of you both that you will treasure forever. :(

Lynn said...

Oh Cindy, Alex is so very precious! I have Alex and his family in my thoughts and prayers..

I love this picture of Alex with his Memere.. It's so very beautiful!

Sue said...

My heart is aching for you and your family Cyn. What a precious photo of you and Alex. Much thoughts and .

Dog Trot Farm said...

May God walk beside you as you find your way through this unspeakable tragedy. Blessings to all.

Heather said...

Tears are understandable! He is a beautiful boy and those are some adorable pictures. Keeping you and your family in my prayers! It breaks my heart to think of what you all are going through and it makes me hug my two a little tighter.


Prairiemaid said...

I love both pictures. The one with you holding him, he sure has his eyes on you!

The pictures and Alex are precious. This is a gentle and precious time, one when we wish eternity would stand still.

May you and your family feel the presence of God continually.

Prayers & blessings,

Denise said...

Precious moments that you will treasure forever....I continue to offer up you and your family in my daily prayers.

Sandy said...

There are a lot of things in this world that I truly don't understand. Alex is the number one item on my list. Many prayers for you and your entire family.

Lillie Mae Acres said...

How adorable. My heart aches everytime I see an update, then it's just joy that ya'll are able to spend this quality time with him.
The entire family is in my prayers.

Morgan said...

Your little Alex is beautiful!
Today at church I met the sweetest boy (his Mom was pretty great too). He saw me in the hall and ran up and hugged my legs. For no reason other than to be sweet. He's 18 months so we went to the nursery where he played with my six month old. He constantly was hugging us, giving us toys, stroking our faces, etc. He was the sweetest little soul. He has Cystic Fibrous. His lungs sounded like rusty machinery choking along.
Between meeting him and reading about your precious Alex, I feel like God is gently reminding me of His sovereignty & that He will be Glorified in all things and that He has a plan greater than my own. To see women, such as yourself, maintain such grace in the face of such hardships has been so inspiring. I'm praying for your family. Alex is so blessed that his days here on Earth are being filled to the brim with so much love. What a testament & reflection of Christ! God bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Continually bearing you and your family up in prayer before the Father. The picture of you and Alex is lovely. I'm glad you have it. He is so very precious.
On the way to church tonight I was missing my Dad more than usual. I talked with the kids about how that knowing Jesus as your Savior means that one day we'll all be together again.
May the God of all comfort saturate your family with His Presence as you continue this journey.


Maria said...

Sending you hugs, Cindy...
Your love, that little Alex feels in his tiny body and in his big heart will last forever...
I pray for him and for all of you every day.


goatmilker said...

So glad you had a good day with family. Keeping you all in my prayers. Have a good day. Rebekah

Anna said...


Tonya said...

I almost lost my heart goes out to you..prayers and love from here..

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

What a precious post, Cyn! I am so glad your family can embrace this precious little guy and love him and get to know him. I am so amazed at your walk, instead of being angry and bitter you are loving and sweet. Just know we are all praying for you.

Faith said...

We are praying for you each and every day. What a precious time. He sure is a sweetheart!

Much love,

Camille said...

I'm teary as I's hard! May the LORD continue to give you HIS grace day by day. How precious that they live near enough to have "hands-on" time.

Sending (((hugs))) to you today Cindy. I will pray with the children for you all at lunchtime ~ in just a few minutes.

In His Love,

HomemakerAng said...

and just as you were telling me about it all the darn verizon dumped us again...

you know i love you and all I can do is pray and both I will continue to do.

you are such a friend to me cindy, thank you...

i wish i could change this situation for all of you...

Renata said...

Hi Cyn
I've been away on holidays, but I've been thinking of & praying for Alex & also yourself & family. Thanks for the update - the pictures are just beautiful - definitely a treasure.
God bless you
Renata XO

Pamela @ Seeds of Nutrition said...

What a precious & handsome little fellow he is. I can not fathom the pain you must be having. Only through our Lords Grace can any of us get through times like this. Knowing the outcome will still be to His Glory.
God Bless and praying

Michelle said...

Alex is so adorable and such a treasure.

Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers.

A Gardner's Cottage said...

Hello Cyn,

I am so sorry for your loss! I pray that our Heavenly Father's peace and comfort covers you and your family. May He hold you and your family in the palm of His hand.

Praying for you all,

Lindah said...

Such precious photos and precious memories of a sweet little boy. At home with Jesus and free of the physical discomforts he knew here. My prayers continue for you all.

Lindah said...

I'm sorry, I posted the above comment on the wrong post. It was meant for the Nov 2 post.