Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Nativity Cat & Other Christmas Treasures

Sophia, the Nativity Cat

Our nativity is set up on our dining room buffet.
The buffet where Sophia usually perches from.
There really is NO room at the inn, Sophia!
Get down!

Fleur de Sel Caramels

Oh. My. Word.
Smooth. Creamy. Sweet. Salty.

Grandson Austin

We had Austin one evening last week and after supper I popped Charlie Brown's Christmas in the DVD player.
Side by side, we watched as Linus explained what Christmas is really all about.
Precious memories made.
I love that boy.....

3 French Hens.

Just because.
I am French, you know.

Camel with Tree Hat

Last year I crocheted some funny little trees to go 'round the nativity.
My friend Jen thought the camel needed one on his head.
I think we will keep it there.

Baby Skates

One of my favorite Christmas ornaments.
Brings back memories of when we were kids and the local town would flood the back of the baseball field for the neighbor kids to skate on.
Valley Field.
My little sis and I would walk there, make no small effort to keep on our feet with wobbly skates on, and flirt with the boys.
We wore those long stocking caps back then, and it was surely a sign that someone "liked" you if they came whizzing by and stole your hat.
The innocence of youth.

Can you tell my photos have improved????
I got an early Christmas present this year when my kids all pitched in and bought me a Canon Rebel XS that my dear friend Jen was selling.
They graciously allowed me to get it last week so I could play around and get used to it before Christmas.
It came with Photoshop Elements 7, which is why there are some textures and text added here and there.
It has been ever so much fun!
Can you tell?

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Lady Farmer said...

Cats are so funny that way! Sophia doesn't look happy about the nativity being in her spot!

Mmmm! Those carmels look delish!

Austin looks absolutely enraptured!

Oh, those 'three frend hens' are a hoot!

The baby skates are darling ~ I have never seen any so small before! They are the perfect decoration!

Enjoy your new toy!

Christmas Cheer!

Denise said...

Wonderful post, made me take a short trip down memory lane :0)

Barbara said...

Now those baby skates really impressed me, I some much like those, when I was two I was skating well, that was my heart when I was young. Thank you for this lovely post, and I sure loved seeing those skates, hugs my friend, Barbara

Lovella ♥ said...

Cyn. .I have those same three french hens on my tree and now when I look at them I'll not only think of my hens. . I'll think of my french friend!
Fantastic news on the new camera. .enjoy!

Faith said...

Wonderful camera and program! You are going to have some fun!

I love home made caramel. Have you got that sitting in sugar or salt? I'm guessing sugar, by the look of the crystals, but either one would set it off nicely.

That bowl you've got the caramel square in is the cutest. I love it!


Donna said...

The cat does NOT look happy! I laughed at the little hat on the camel. Too funny! How wonderful that you got a nice camera and Elements as a early Christmas gift. Now the photo fun begins!!!

Linda Stubbs said...

Those chickens are the funniest I have ever seen!!!!! Cute cute cute! I love the little skates and the little boy..........quite handsome!!!!!

Have a blessed CHRISTmas!!!! Hugs coming your way,

jules said...

We had a cat like that too. I took pictures of the GIANT cat in the Nativity. I'm betting they didn't have any of those in Bethlehem.

Love the hens!

Love the camel hat too!

Merry Christmas!

Janean said...

maybe sophia is just worshipping? *wink*

those salty-sweets....
the baby skates....

paperbird said...

Christmas kitty is SO sweet and the caramels look so yummy.

Sweet Christmas blessings to you.

Maria said...

Hi Cindy~
How are You!
Just stopping by to say a Christmasy hello ♥ I love your photos! Austin is so handsome and in your last post, a beautiful photo of Avery~
I'm still smiling over your 3 French hens... such a fun treasure!
Thinking of you and wishing your family comfort and a renewed spirit of JOY ~
Merry Christmas ~
love, Maria

David R said...

What is it about Nativity Scenes that cats like? Here's a slideshow I made of more Nativity Cats - hope you like it... we could always add Sophia?

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