Thursday, February 03, 2011

Blue skies after the storm...and soup!

Our driveway.... two hours and $50 later...

Whew! Schools around here are closed for the 2nd day...not because of bad weather, but because the secondary roads have not all been cleared yet.
The neighbor kids are out in droves!

Ollie...sittin' pretty in the front window.

He wouldn't go outside yesterday for anything.
Oh...he thought about it!
He's stand by the door, scratch to get out, then as soon as we opened the door and he felt the wind, he'd high tail it back to safety!

A White Winter Soup recipe from

Perfect for the bone-chilling day we had yesterday!
A LOT like potato leek soup but with a whole head of cauliflower along with the potatoes and onions. I wasn't sure how that would all go together, but really, you could not even tell there was cauliflower in it.
Pureed till fairly smooth and creamy, it paired perfectly with some crusty sourdough no-knead bread.

It was delicious, and one that I will add to my long list of soup favorites.

Find the recipe HERE...

Homemade Vegetable Bouillon

The soup recipe above references some vegetable bouillon, with the recipe also on Culinate.
This stuff is GREAT!
Mix up the veggies, kosher salt, and herbs in the food processor and put it in a jar and keep it in the freezer.
I think it calls for 1.5 teas. per cup of water.
Perfect for when I don't have homemade chicken stock in the freezer.
If you are salt sensitive, keep in mind that the recipe makes 1 quart of bouillon (all ground up) and 1 cup of that is kosher salt.
Feel free to cut back on the salt.
I think you could easily cut it in half.

Find the recipe HERE...

And lastly, I am reading Ann Voskamp's book,
"One Thousand Gifts".
I am pretty much speechless....for now.
Absolutely incredible.

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Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I keep hearing about this book! I think I need to get it.

Anonymous said...

This Winter White soup looks great. I am looking forward to making it this evening.
You always have the best ideas, thanks for sharing them.


Anonymous said...

Cyn, we have snow piles much like yours...sigh
For the Blizzard like night & day I made Hungarian Goulash & Biscuits...Oh, I Love Comfort Foods...During the Storms!!

Mari said...

I wasn't snowed in but Iced in. I tried to get my car cleaned off this morning, but it wasn't very successful, as it was about an inch worth.
My man came home from work for just a brief moment to help, and he got the rest of the ice off for me, and unstuck from the driveway. So now I can go, if I dare. I think that I will wait until tomorrow though.

I've made 2 different kinds of soup so far, and yes, I too have heard so much about Ann's book, I think I need to order it!!

Glad you are doing well!

Lady Farmer said...

Oh my goodness gracious, girl! You do have a bit of snow now don't you? I think your soup is the perfect way to deal with that kind of weather ~ it's sounds delish!
Your kitty is so very handsome! Such a dapper fellow with his little orange mustache and gotee!(sp?)
That vegetable bouillon looks fabulous ~ definately going to try that one!
Like the others, I keep hearing about this book ~ I would like to read it too!

Pamela @ Seeds of Nutrition said...

Schools and just about everything else got shut down here for 2 days. Only emergency vehicles. Yesterday gave way to the bluest skies every against the white land. Same today! Drifting was horrendous here. Neighbor plowed us out yesterday. Today I shoveled close to 60'L x 4'w of sidewalk / stairs. The worst shoveling I've ever done since we moved here 25 plus yrs. ago.
Must try your boullon recipe sometime soon.
Stay warm!

Stone Cottage Mama said...

Your photos all make me want to come over and snuggle with your cat by a warm fire. lol.

Renata said...

Hi Cyn
I have ordered two copies of that book & can't wait til it arrives to start reading! Have you watched the book club talks she does (link on her website) - I watched the first one, but had better wait to watch the others until I actually have the book!
Those recipes look wonderful! Very wintery though!
Your snow is amazing - it looks so beautiful with the blue sky above it!
Hope you are keeping well

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh all you recipes look oh so good.
I am praying for you a job. You need a Miss Billie in your life.
Hope you have a great afternoon!
I am going to have to try the bagels!

BumbleVee said...

I like a side dish of cauli and potatoes mixed together... almost ends up tasting like potato salad. A bit of olive oil...some apple cider vinegar... sometimes I put in a little dollop of mayo.. not always. I have added a few bacon bits sometimes...but, mostly just a few green onions... and some a sprinkle of cumin, some basil... things like that. It is quite tasty... once I did it with curry spices.... very good...