Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cuckoo for crackers!

Homemade Sourdough Crackers

Really...anyone can make these.
I have been messing around with sourdough starter for nearly a year now, and have come across some phenomenal recipes.
Plus, I have been adapting some artisan breads using sourdough starter in place of the yeast called for.
All winners, as far as I am concerned.

These crackers are one of the easiest I have ever done.

Find the recipe HERE

But I'll tell you right straight that there are only 4 ingredients to these...
sourdough starter, whole wheat flour, lard, and salt.
Then the sprinkles of your choice.

Sourdough crackers in the making...

One thing I find indispensable when making crackers is a Silpat baking thingy.
I got mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond
(that name always brings back memories of Toy Story's famous line..."To infinity...and beyond!)
for $15 each with my $5 off coupon...which by the way...never expire in spite of the fact that there is an expiration date on said coupon)
That's a lot of money, I know.
But I use mine all.the.time.

If indeed, you do take the time to look up this recipe, I will say that I have always used the lard called for.
It makes for a tender, yet very crispy cracker.
These roll out super thin, and if there is a bit of bare spot, the dough is so forgiving that you just mend it a bit with your fingers.
And I brush the rolled out dough with plain water, not olive oil.
They don't need the extra fat, and water works just as well for the herby sprinkles to stick.
I use a variety of herb toppings.
This week I used herbs de provence mixed with a bit of kosher salt.
Yesterday I tried some parmesan cheese, basil, and kosher salt.
You could also just have them plain, with a bit of sea salt.
Your call.
Just make 'em.
You'll be glad you did!


P.S. Watch carefully, as they burn quickly. I always plan on staying in the kitchen while they bake, and usually have to remove the outer ones well before the rest are done.
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Valerie said...

These look amazingly tasty Cindy!!

Donna said...

Oh those look tasty! I'll have to tell hubby (he's the chef, LOL)!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

These look really yummy. I do like crackers and ho memade are better, because the ingredients are clean and simple :) :) Thanks for the recipe! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather ;) :)

p.s. thanks for the tip on the "baking thingy" :) :)

Maria said...

Mmmmm I can smell those herbs toasting in the oven!
My husband's grandfather used to make amazing cheese crackers... they were the best I've ever had. Home made is always the best!
Wishing you a great week, Cindy ~
*blessings for every moment*

Heather F. said...

I am desperate to learn about fermenting. Where do I go to find out about sour dough starters and how to begin fermenting?

Renata said...

YUM! These look delicious - & another thing to use my starter with! Thanks for the recipe. I have no idea what they sell lard as over here, but wonder if you could substitute butter.
Have a wonderful day

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Yes, Renata. You may substitute butter or coconut oil for the lard. I haven't done it yet, but it is in the recipe as an alternative.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Everytime I see an interesting and simple recipe I want to cook more than I do. Inspiring...and those crackers look fantastic.

Susan said...

Cyn, I can't wait to try this recipe for crackers.....I have my very first sour dough starter going now and am excited to make somthing with it. Like you it's still winter and Im stuck inside, can't garden and don't want to be out to the barn right now , its too cold. The horses are fine and so are the chickens howerver it will be good when they start laying more eggs. Im also looking forward to getting a few more chickens this spring

Holly said...

These I've got to try after I revive my sourdough that has been sitting in the refrigerator.

PamKittyMorning said...

Oh the photos and the food.. yum. My mother used to keep sourdough starter when we were growing up. My favorite, sourdough chocolate cake. So wonderful. We had the regulars too, pancakes for sure, bread.. but oh that cake.

Love all your garden photos, you motivate me to get out there and get busy!

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