Monday, March 07, 2011

One of these things...

One of these things is not like the others...

One of these things just doesn't belong...

Can you tell which thing is not like the others...

By the time I finish my song?

If you guessed THIS one is not like the others...
Then you're absolutely....right!

Okay spring...
We've been teased.
We've been toyed with.
We've been "played".

Now for real...
just bring it on!


Is it spring where YOU live?
Can you tell me about it?
I want to live vicariously thru you.....
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Valerie said...

OH...I was thinking your garden was looking like that now! I wanted to cry. :) I've had that song running through my head off and on for days, funny that you used it on your post. :)

We've had a bit of spring pop up here and there...I'm hoping to get some pictures up on my blog this week. :) I am SO ready for's coming! :)

Mandy said...

For a minute I was a little jealous! I thought that might be your garden now. Here in southeast WI we look about the same with snow still covering everything. Spring cannot get here fast enough because I am SO ready!!

Camille said... poor thing! What a cute post. I won't tell you too much about's mild most of the year. :)

Hang in there my friend!
Many blessings,

Anonymous said...

It's snowing right now. So don't feel too bad. It happens to most of us, unless it's Hawaii. :o)

Donna said...

It's a'coming! The weeping willows have tipped out their bright, spring green color of leaves. Wild daffodils are blooming. Our first one here at our new Greyhavens should bloom this week! And I have seen some bradford pears start to show some color! It's exciting!!!

Maria said...

Hi Cindy!
One good thing... I stayed in my pj's all day {I did put a sweater on to look dignified ;o)
I told my father today that the new bird seed I put in the feeders attracts lots of beautiful birds ... and that these birds are my "spring flowers"

He told me "spring will come, it always does."
ohhhh... I am impatient about this one thing...
Take care, Cindy!
Have a warm week {at least indoors}

Rachel said...

It's been warm and then we had a cold snap, but nothing major. The daffodils are blooming so nicely and it's beginning to look like spring. The lawn is getting greener and it won't be long before I'll be getting the mower out.

Tomorrow is going to be in the
60's! I'm all for that!!!

Hang in there. Spring is knocking at your door!!

Barbara said...

Oh yes sweetie it is most definitely Spring where I live, I have started my planting and my little cherry tomatoes already have popped up about 1 inch long, so cute, our beans are starting to show too, I love Spring, and it is in the mid 70's here, hope your day is a Springy one, hugs my friend, Barbara

Susan said...

It will be some time before I can even get to my garden (deep snow)
Cyn, I posted one for you! drop by and take a look

Renata said...

Hi Cyn
Spring does seem to be teasing you guys there! It's autumn here, but it's actually lovely weather. Because it's so early in the season none of the trees have started to change colour, so it's really just like a lovely spring day!
Hope you get your longed for spring soon!

A Gardner's Cottage said...

Hey Cyn.

Both of us are seeing sightings of just has to! Enjoy your evening.


Cheryl said...

The calendar says 11 more days to spring, you can't tell it around here! We have about 5" of wet snow so far this morning, it has let up a little. Plus we have not lost the snow yet from this year. It will be awhile until we see bare ground around here:o) Spring can come any time now!