Thursday, August 02, 2012

Sunday church and fermenting...

 Sunday church

I go to church on Sunday's all over the place!
I have been to India with Zac Poonen.
I have sat in on Times Square Church in New York City.
Seattle with Mark Driscoll.

Tho I love to attend a physical church, there are times when that just ain't gonna happen.
And that is when the internet becomes the church building.
There are pros...
And there are cons...
The best part is I do not have to dress up
 (or even GET dressed!), 
put my make-up on, or wear shoes!
This last week's sermon by Carter Conlon was so good, I am going to have to listen to it again.
And maybe again.

 authentic Korean kimchi

It's that time of year again...
Veggies are coming in to the farmers market...
So obviously it is time to do some preserving!
Fermentation is one of my favorite types of food preservation.
It is full of thousands of good probiotics...
and it is crazy how the fermented veggie is, by far, healthier than what you started with.

 garlic dill pickles

The hardest part is the waiting!
Most veggies take several weeks to finish, tho the kimchi pictured up there should be done in only 3-5 days
The caraway sauerkraut I began last week takes about 30 days.
The pickles above I will check in 2 weeks, but they might need an additional week after that.

Pickled/Preserved limes

I have fermented lemons in the past (yummy in moroccan dishes, chicken, fish),
but never limes.
Thought I would start small and just ferment 3 of them.
Sadly...these take an entire month.

My own garden has done poorly, as have many around the country.
Heat waves unlike any we have seen here in West Michigan.
At least the farmers markets seem to be full!
 And for THAT I am very thankful! 

And now, something totally unrelated....

Do any of you all own a Kindle Fire?
If so, how do you feel about it?
Like it?
Love it?
Worth it?
My birthday is next week, and I have been thinking of asking the kids to maybe go in on one for me...
tho it is even a bit pricey for them!

You thoughts, please!

In Christ alone,

P.S.....for those that are the praying sort....I need to be lookin' for a job. I had a job offer, but am unsure if it is the one for me.

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Cheryl said...

Your fermented pickles look good. I have tried to ferment things and just can't seem to make it work, not sure what I have done wrong. Would love to learn how to do it right someday.

I don't own a Kindle.

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

I like that your church is wherever you want it to be. I don't feel a "building" with people makes you any closer to God....He is always in our hearts even on Sundays at Home! I have never canned or fermented anything. My brother picked that love up from my Mom. I do own a basic Kindle, not the fire, and I love it. I got it 2 yrs ago for Christmas and it goes everywhere with me. Even room to room in our Home. I didn't think I would like it and didn't even ask for it....I love it now. The books can be pricey, but if you're a reader it doesn't matter, you'd buy anyway. The only thing I do miss is reading in the bathtub....for that I have to have a paperback on the side. I don't know alot about the Fire, but I am sure you'd love it. Good luck!

Donna said...

I think the online churches are just fine! I like that part about not having to dress up, LOL! And you can replay the sermons too. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing?

Have fun with all the preserving chores. I do miss not having a garden anymore, but I don't miss the work!

I don't have a Kindle Fire. I have a regular Kindle and an iPad. I probably would have gotten the Fire if it had come out before the iPad. You sure can't beat the price of it! There are less apps for the Fire, but I think it weighs less and a bit smaller than the iPad. The iPad is too big to hold with one hand. I think you can easily hold the Fire with one hand. I sure hope you get one! Yes, yes - ask them for one! Everyone that I know that has one loves 'em!

Donna said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that Amazon has a big program with thousands of libraries all over the country for free e-book loans. So you might want to check with your local library on what they have available for e-books. Also, there are promotions all the time on Amazon for free books. I check Pixels of Ink web site (you can Google it) regularly. They post links for free e-books every day. I've gotten dozen of books that way! You just need to set up an Amazon account for all your downloads. I can't imagine life without a Kindle anymore!!!

Kim said...

Can't wait to hear how your limes turn out!

I have a regular Kindle 3G and I love it. I wish I would've bought the Fire, but this works for me. I have only paid for about a dozen of the 70+ books I have on mine. The rest were all free through Family Fiction, Inspired Reads, and Amazon. LOVE it!

Will be praying for you my friend.


Dog Trot Farm said...

I am embarrassed to say I have never thought about attending church via computer. What a wonderful idea, especially helpful while away on vacation this Sunday. Thank you for the great tip. I too have garlic dill pickles doing their thing on a shelf in my darkened pantry. My dad received a Kindle Fire for Christmas, it was a bit tricky to set up, but has been worth the frustration. Greetings from hot, humid Maine, Julie.

Anonymous said...

I've never considered attending church via computer, I'd miss worshing with the Body of believers too much. That said, listening to sermons all through the week can be a big blessing, or if one is shut in and can't attend a local church for a while I'm sure an online service could be a blessing, too.

I don't have a kindle, but my husband has an app on his ipad from work that works as a reader. He does like that. Since we have a great public library system here he only "borrows" ebooks for free and does not spend money on purchasing them (we don't buy "real" books either...the Library has them for free!

KathyB. said...

You are always an inspiration to me Cyn. I have made my own pickles, but not ventured too far into that adventure.

It is amazing what we can see on the internet that can uplift us, and encourage us spiritually in Him.Not even having to leave home to worship and ponder God's words.

Mimi Mj Strategic Communications said...

Faith and spirituality are never about bricks and mortar.

If the job doesn't feel right, don't take it. Every time I have had doubts, I have been correct.

sawn48 said...

Cindy, do you have a simple recipe using local grown produce,or is that possible? My brother's significant other is oriental, and she gives me a jar on occasion. I do love it, but it is so complicated getting the needed ingredients.Anything close would be nice.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Monday thru Friday I listen to Michael Youceff and Alistair Begg on XM radio. For years, those two men have been my church. I would go to a physical church but wasn't fed spiritually; it was simply a place to meet with other believers but, in time, even that wasn't true. Now, I'm going to a church where the pastor preaches the word, is committed to Christ and to serving his flock. Thank God we have options; sometimes those options are the only thing that keeps us on the straight and narrow.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

oops...meant to comment on the Kindle Fire...don't have one but did you know you can buy an Acer mini-laptop for $248 at Wal-Mart? I use one and it's a great little computer.

Anonymous said...

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