Monday, July 01, 2013

Summer in the City

 Sourdough for pizza!

It has been a busy spring/summer for me.
Working, even part time, really takes up the better part of my week.
But getting back into the kitchen this past weekend has been so wonderful!

The pizza dough was for company we were having on Saturday evening.
We do not entertain much these days, so having friends over is a real treat!

My version of lemonade

Organic lemons, filtered water, and a squirt of liquid stevia.
Put it in the sweetest juice container I've ever seen!
And refrigerate.
I drink thru a straw, because the lemons can do some damage to your enamel over time.
I refresh the jar thru the day with fresh water, but rarely add more stevia.
Start fresh the next day.
I think this would be great with limes and maybe a chunk of an orange.

 Fulton Street Farmers Market

I am at the farmers market every single Saturday.
My raw milk farmer is there with our share of milk, plus I get to wander the market, picking and choosing from among the best produce/flowers/breads/plants around.
This week my take home bag contained homemade granola from a newer vendor, free ranged eggs, organic cabbage, rhubarb, hothouse tomatoes, and my milk.

 Galvanized edging for my herb/flower garden

A work in progress.
The "grass" in the front of the garden is really just a mess of weeds we just keep mowing.

 Mums planted in the front over the weekend.

Got the 3 mum plants from our daughter Gina, who wanted them out of her garden.
I'll take 'em!

 Rhubarb, sugar, and rosemary

I bought rhubarb at the market, plus a sprig of rosemary from my own garden, to make a rhubarb/rosemary simple syrup.
Just a tablespoon added to club soda or even my sugar free lemonade and BAM!
Takes it up a notch!

Rhubarb/Rosemary simple syrup

Is this color not just beautiful?

 Essential oils for my homemade Squito Spray

I had the oils, just did not really know how to combine them.
With some help from an herbalist friend, we came up with what I hope will be an effective squito deterrent. 

 Homemade deodorant

Since I do not want aluminum in my deodorant, I simply make my own.
This is a recipe I tested out with some friends and acquaintances a couple months ago, and it has proven effective as a deodorant.
This is NOT an antiperspirant....our bodies were meant to perspire.
But it does keep the stinks away!

Grated organic cabbage, apple, and salt.

Orange Sauerkraut in the making.

Orange Kraut

Isn't this beautiful?
It needs to ferment for 4 weeks...and then....
I am hoping for orangey kraut goodness.

So there ya go.
My weekend in pictures.

Life has been good.

And I am still learning to

Love Jesus more,
Love people more,


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Kathleen Grace said...

That Rhubarb simple syrup sounds awesome! Care to share the recipe? I would love to try it:>)

Unknown said...

Love all the pictures; thanks for sharing. I like the thought of orange kraut as kraut is one of my favs.

savvycityfarmer said...

I do miss that market ... I do

... and you!

Donna said...

Oh my gosh, you've been busy this summer! Wonderful and newsy post.

Rachel said...

You are so talented lady!!! I love farmer's markets and all that fresh produce but you take it all several steps farther. The rhubarb syrup looks so beautiful and sounds great. Never heard of orange kraut before and would be curious of what that tastes like.

Wonderful photos!!! Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I have missed my friends! Good to be back!!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

hope y'all have a great time with friends. thanks for reminding me about the farmers market; haven't been this year. you've been in my thoughts and prayers lately.

Robinanne said...

Looks life is looking up your way. i love your posts, your ideas and your photos. Farmers markets are just grand. The grasshoppers are eating gardens alive here...awful!. Have missed visiting w/ you via email and blog land. Glad all is well. Still need some lemon/lime/orange salt!! R

Camille said...

Precious Friend...I want you to know that I am thankful for you! I would love it if you would sign off "By His Grace ~ For His Glory"...truly, what else is there? Do as you like...however...I just thought I'd let you know my thoughts on the matter since you asked. :) Have a wonderful day! I trust you are enjoying these summer days. XO

Renata said...

Yes I am way behind....but it is lovely to catch up here :) Hope you are going well. I would love the recipe for your rhubarb/rosemary syrup ( I love anything with rhubarb in!)
Have a lovely week

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