Sunday, July 31, 2005

My average Sunday

Here's a recent pic of my darling daughter, Ave
Day 1

Just a short intro, for those who happen upon this "blog" of mine.
I am a female, nearly 52, happily married to P for almost 34 years...well the first 7 years were not so happy, but that is another story...suffice it to say that without the intervention of the Holy Spirit, this would have a whole different ending. We have 5 children, ages from 32 all the way down to 13. We live in the midwest, homeschool our last 2 children remaining at home, have a new "old" farmhouse on 1 1/2 acres, built with love by my husband 4 years ago. Proud owners of 12 ducks, (2 newbies as of June), 3 cats, one golden retriever, and many birds of the wild variety. An occasional turkey meanders thru, and we see deer regularly traipsing thru the surrounding 60 acres.
Back to my average Sunday: P plays bass in our church's worship team, so we are up early to get to the church in time for an hour's worth of rehearsal. An awesome 2 hour service follows, then home to lunch. The 2 kids may or may not be with us, depending on plans they have made . Today P and I took a 1 hour nap, (lest we forget...we ARE over 50!!!), then up to clean the lunch mess, feed the birds, maybe go for a walk. A simple life, but one I wouldn't trade for all the tea in China.

Stay tuned for more,

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ave said...

hi mother! nice site who made it for ya? hehe ttyl mom seeya at home