Monday, August 01, 2005

Farmgirl challenge

I was recently challenged by a friend to try wearing skirts or dresses for 7 days and see what the outcome is. Well, it has been at least 7 days, andI'm not sure if I want to give up the challenge!! I ENJOY looking feminine, feeling feminine and being treated a bit differently by others. (especially my husband of nearly 34 years!!) Now, I'm not saying it would be the most practical thing to wear when it is 10 below outside, or if I were playing softball at a picnic...(although I DID play volleyball this past weekend in a slim, white skirt, and didn't find it at all difficult or encumbering), but for now, I think I'm leaning towards being a feminine farmgirl. Any takers??? One benefit I and others who have taken the challenge have found, is that skirts are just plain cooler. For some strange reason, capri's or even shorts are not as cool in the wicked summer heat as the skirt is. Try it yourself and see if I'm not right!!

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you'r loving daughter avery said...

hello mothera. maybe I should take that challenge....of course I would have to barrow a couple skirts. ;) but yea ill ttyl momsie. bye.

ave said...

O and I loooooove that picture! ;)