Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Shoppin fools

Oooohhh what an awesome day we had!! My 13 yr old daughter Ave and I did some junkin today! We hit a couple resale shops, a Goodwill, (gotta love those Goodwill's!), and some cute shops we had never been to before. It being August and all, most of the summer stuff is on clearance, and we got some really good deals. A couple of "prairie" skirts, (which we can both wear, now that "big mama" has lost and kept off 30#), (and...lest we forget...the feminine farmgirl challenge!!!)some cute flip flops, a pair of jeans for Ave, (unfortunately, for me anyway, Ave is over 5" taller than me, so the jeans fittin mama are a no go!!), and a cool vintage upholstered rocking chair for only $25!!! The best part, however, is not in the purchases of the day, as good as they might have been, but , spending time with my youngest child, my gift from the Lord, my beautiful Ave. (I love you, darlin) I thank God daily for my children, and for the special extra blessings he has given me, my Sam (16) and Ave.

Eternally grateful to our awesome God,
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1 comment:

your youngest child, your gift from the Lord, your beautiful Ave. said...

hey mom, it was fun shoppin with ya, i got some great cool lookin stuff to! Anywho ttyl, wich means TALK TO YOU LATER, ha ha. Bye