Sunday, September 11, 2005

Avery's Birthday Kitty

For my daughter Ave's 11th birthday 2 years ago, we consented to cat #2. (we are now up to 3 cats, 1 golden retriever(Beauregard...known affectionately around here as "Beau', "Dufus", "Bozo", or whatever we happen to come up with at the time), and 14 or so ducks,(un-named, except for the only white duck, who goes by the name of "Aflac", plus numerous wild birds, an occasional crane, a couple of very bold turkeys in the fall, and the run-of-the -mill deer who meander thru the adjacent field) . Here is "Fuzzy", aka "Fussy", the love of her life. He is her baby. (we think he's kind of special also!)
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