Friday, April 21, 2006


Ooohhh...doesn't Farmgirl Cyn look awful after a few hours workin the soil? Ah well, it goes with the territory. Can't be out there in kitten heels and a skirt, now can we? (maybe we can! Stay tuned for more Farmgirl antics, as she tries to haul manure all sweet lookin and smellin real nice!!)
This here would be Farmcat wannabe, Fuzzy. Oh, he THINKS he is a farmcat, however, he leaves it to old gal Kissy, to bring home the bacon. (er...I mean the field mice) He then shows what he is REALLY made of, as he tosses around Miss Kissy's "catch" on the back porch.
This here is shy, Farmchild, Ave. Can you all tell? She does NOT like having her photo taken? She helped clean out the courtyard perennial beds for several hours Wednesday. Ain't she purty??? (in the background is a part of Farmgirl Cyn's inheritance...a nice, 2001 Dodge Ram pickup. Just what a Farmgirl needs to haul around farm "stuff"!!!)
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HomemakerAng said...

i am dying laughing! you are too cute to be a farm girl! The hen house is HUGE! and it looks great too, cant wait to see it!

HomemakerAng said...

the ave pic is too much!