Friday, April 21, 2006


Here is "Phase 2" of our henhouse construction project. The cement floor got poured several months ago. And the walls got set in place this week. Today the roof goes up, the door and windows get put in, and Farmboy Pete gets a big hug and kiss from Cyn! Much work left, however, it is mostly "interior design" stuff! You know, the placement of furniture, lamps, floral arrangements! Will update regularly. We're looking into some authentic barnwood siding, already stained red. Tre chic!
Here is Farmgirl Cyn, with her Farmboy, Pete. He is on the inside of the hen house, just finishing some of the essential nailing down of henhouse walls. (Don't we make a sweet looking Farmcouple??) (35 year wedding anniversary coming up this fall!)
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