Friday, April 07, 2006


On our way from Florida back home to Michigan, we were able to stop in Atlanta to visit a good friend of mine, Donna. (pictured left) I met Donna at a garage sale I was having 7 years ago, and we just "clicked". She left our little town 2 years ago, and although we had kept in touch via letters, and the occasional phone call, I had not seen her. Sadly, we had only about an hour to "catch up", check out her awesome home, and tell each other how incredible we looked!!! The hardest part of our visit was "good-bye." Pulling out of their driveway, I was a blubbering mess. Seems you don't realize how much you miss someone till you've seen them again, and realize how not having that person as a part of your daily life has affected you. Despite our age difference, (I am MUCH older than Donna...old enough to be her mom!), Donna became one of my best friends. May 1000 miles not change that.

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cityfarmer said...

This made me so anxious for our weekend together. We'll have to post some pics that capture how much fun we have and how good we both look. Another pound since we talked!

cityfarmer said...

Will be away from my desk all weekend, but the cell is always on and it's FREE on the weekend.
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Lookedonna said...

You can not even imagine for a moment how much I hate having my photo here.