Sunday, April 02, 2006

MY DAD: June 8, 1932-March 14, 2006

One of the last photo's of my dad, taken just 10 days before he passed away. He had been looking longingly at his pool, and just itching to get in there. It was a warm afternoon, maybe 80, and the water was at least 84. So his friend Denise, pictured next to him, helped him on with his swim trunks, and he sat there on the first step of the pool for at least 20 minutes. It really was a good day for him. He was in a good mood. Hungry, for the first time in days, since he had just had his tummy drained the day before. And I was there, to follow thru with his every wish. If watermelon sounded good...then I was off to get watermelon. Never mind that he would only eat a bite or two. Fish and chips sounded I went to find the best fish and chips in the area. Never mind that we would have to cajole him out of bed to eat just a few bites. He would give me his breakfast order the evening before...french toast, one, not two, fresh fruit, coffee, and maybe one of those sweet things Janet, his sister, had just bought...cause sweet things sounded good to him. The next morning I would get his breakfast ready, just as he had ordered, give him his newspaper, fresh off the driveway, and watch sadly, as he picked at his meal, leaving the plate almost as full as when I brought it to him. But, by golly, "Cindy...can you get me a small spoon for my coffee?" Cause no matter if I had the exact amount of sugar, the precise amount of cream, all stirred up for him...he still wanted that spoon!!!! And I would give anything to be able to serve him, just once more. Cause there is always more that you want to say. One more thing that you want to do. One more hug that you must give. One more "I love you, dad" that must cross your lips. One more "good-bye."
BUT..."It is appointed unto man once to die...and then the judgment." I pray that in those final days, final hours, my dad made the right choice. He had heard it all many times. And many times he assured us he was "fine". He was a "christian". But, God knows the heart. And He knew my dad's heart. And I pray my dad made the right choice. I know my Aunt Janet and I were there "for such a time as this". Quite possibly, the hardest month of my life. Yet, I would do nothing different.


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cityfarmer said...

You made all the right decisions. Times were tough away from your family for a month and all.
Let's all be reminded to give that "one more hug" and "one more kiss".
God bless you for being faithful to the end.
I am proud to call you best friend.

homemakersheart said...

Hey Cyn~ I'm so sorry about your Dad. I had been praying for you and him while checking your blog to hear of updates. A {{Hug}} for you!

Lowa said...

Oh my goodness! This is so hard. He was not all that old, it looks like from the dates. In his 70's.

I am sure he made the right choice and you will see him again before you know it. Perhaps he and my younger brother have already met up there!!! My brother died suddenly in his sleep last summer at the age of 13. My parents adopted him when his biological parents did not think they could deal with his health issues. So we were blessed to have him in our lives for his 13 1/2 years on earth!

I know you will miss your Dad really bad. Thanks for sharing about him on your blog!