Saturday, April 29, 2006


OK...I KNOW this is not a very clear is all I have to commemorate the 1st time I have been so close to a real, live, 5 week old PIGLET! Yes...this is a piglet! That bad boy must weigh 40-50 lbs...and still an infant!!! Farmgirl took a ride over to see Homemakerang and wish her a Happy 35th birthday, when her children (bless their hearts!!!) insisted on showing me their newest farm acquisition! 4 "BABY" piggies! Let me tell you...they aren't like any babies I have ever seen! Ang's kids were RIDING these guys!!! And sadly enough...these guys are only temporary fixtures at Eclectic Culture Farm, as come fall they will be seen on the plates of Homemakerang's family. ALL RIGHT ALREADY! IT'S THE CIRCLE OF LIFE, FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD!!! And I DO love a good pork mean piggy!
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