Friday, April 28, 2006


For Cyn's 51st birthday 2 years ago, dear friend Joy, at:, brought me, among other goodies, a pair of these basket weave cement planters. They have been flanking our fireplace all this time, with artificial rosemary plants nestled inside...but it was time for these 2 beauties to see the light of day! So I bought 2 baby dwarf evergreens, (takes these little guys 35 years to grow to 5ft.) (only took me 13 years to do that...however that's when Cyn stopped growing!!) and planted them in these beauties! Now, maybe these will inspire me to finish painting the porch they are sittin on! Like the story about the lady who received a bouquet of flowers, set them on her table, and began noticing how the rest of her surroundings didn't look so good. So she set to work cleaning up around her bouquet, then the clean area around the bouquet looked so good, she felt she needed to clean up IT'S surrounding area...and so on. Does this mean Farmgirl Cyn's garden and porch will be all neat and tidy real soon? Nah! But it DOES mean she just might finish paintin those front porch steps!
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