Thursday, April 27, 2006


When mom passed away nearly 7 years ago, I inherited her wedding rings from my dad. Now, mind you, my folks had been divorced since I was 5, however dad had always been close to mom's heart through the years, and she kept his rings safe in her jewelry box. I began wearing these rings on a gold chain around my neck, and when I was in Florida a couple years ago, I showed dad what I was wearing. He went to his room and came out with HIS wedding band from mom, and gave it to me. I slipped it on my gold chain and began wearing them together. After dad passed away last month, I took the rings to a jeweler and had them sized for my hand. (mom was a beanpole when she married dad, and her rings were a size 4!) Not as meaningful to me as they could have been, had they stayed married all those years, but still a reminder of their love for me. I wear them proudly. Till death do us part. And then they'll get passed on to MY oldest daughter.
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cityfarmer said...

Good morning, your hands look so young Madge, you're soaking in it right now.
How do you do that?
What a wonderful memory of your folks.

berriehead said...

what a fabulous tribute to your parents* no matter that they divorced they loved each other enough to have you and that is all that matters in the end. You're lucky to have it:o) and whoever gets it next is even luckier...I love heirlooms they have a story to tell!


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