Monday, May 08, 2006


After months of planning, we finally made it to our dear friends, Joy and Don. Earlier in the day, Don had picked up a cord of firewood for the evening campfires in the backyard, which have become a tradition between the men. The gals idea of a relaxing evening is getting into our pj's and getting cozy on the sofa with some of our "finds" from the day. But, for the menfolk, nothing beats a campfire, and they will sit there for hours. Long after the gals have hit the sack, the guys come traipsing in, smelling like Smokey the Bear, and climb into our nice clean sheets, fully satisfied from their primal urge to have "fire".
Lest you think we leave them alone ALL is Joy, looking for a spot around the fire, for a bit of fellowship with the boys.

More photos to come!
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HomemakerAng said...

joy looks GREAT~~~ getting to be a thin girl! wow! you guys amaze me!

cityfarmer said...

Thank you very much!!!!