Tuesday, May 02, 2006


OH MY GOSH!! I have never seen anything so incredible as the opening scene of Phantom, where the auctioneer shares the story behind the chandelier that reportedly fell during the reign of the Phantom at the Paris Opera House. When he dramatically plugs the fixture in, you hear the orchestra...da...da, da. da. da daaaa...and the giant chandelier begins to rise off the stage and into the air, and over the audience!!! From that point on...I was jello. Absolutely mesmerized.

The costumes and the sets were unbelievable. The voices...indescribable.

The scene where the Phantom is taking Christine down to the bowels of the opera house and into the river running through it, was phenomenal. It actually looked as if the stage was a river, and he was paddling the oars through water!

All in all...if I had the money, I would see it again...and again. There were people there who had seen various performances 3 and 4 times. I now can see why. It will be a day Ave and I will never forget. Plus, we bought the tee shirt, bought the mug, bought the key chain, and bought the program! (those are the reasons we could not afford to see it again!!!) ps...these are not acutal "play" photos...they will not even let you photograph the inside of the theater BEFORE the play even begins...everything is copyrighted, right down to the lighting and the sets)
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Peggy said...

came over from homemakerang. love your blog!

amber said...

Hi. :)

Just so you don't get ripped off, you should know that the things you looked at a nd loved over at "stuff in the burbs", are not really hers. She took the images off of other blogs, and seems to be trying to run a scam. :( wouldn't try to buy anything from her.

If you want to know where they really were, the link is posted in other comments. One of them is my friend at Tongue in Cheek Antiques, and she lives in France. And nothing is even for sale. It's just her stuff she takes beautiful pictures of.

Just thought I'd let you know. ;)


FarmgirlCyn said...

I had no idea that photos you can get off of , say for instance, Google, were copyrighted. Many blog users taught me how to "right click" to "save as", and that is what I have occasionally done. I can only apologize, via my blog, to any and all who were offended. I have known "cityfarmer" for over 18 years,and know that she would never intentionally steal from anyone. Please accept her apologies via her blog.
Farmgirl Cyn