Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mothers Day Celebration!

We spent Mothers Day at the U Club, by special invite only! Nah, my sis-in-law runs the place, and asked the family to come up for the annual Mothers Day Brunch. In addition to the fabulous lunch, there was entertainment by the balloon man! Kids of ALL ages enjoyed his balloon hats/mice, as you will see by the following:
Our son, Sam, couldn't WAIT for HIS hat to be finished! Can't you see the anticipation on his face???

Our nephew Scott...yes, Scott is graduating high school this year!!! No matter!
Pete and Ave watching the circus!
Sis-in-laws Camilla and Kelly.
Nephew Drew with his balloon creation!

My special mother-in-law, Donna, enjoying the days festivities! Yes folks, she is the mother of 10!

With my own mom being gone for nearly 7 years, and my only sis gone nearly 4, and my dad just passing this March, the other parts of my family have become very dear to me. Pete and I will be celebrating 35 years of marriage this fall, and I can honestly say "his people have become MY people..." They are a part of me, and I hope I have become a part of them.
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HomemakerAng said...

the picture of sam is hilarious!!! looks like you had a beautiful day! i love all your flowers in your gardens and your latest thrifting finds!xoxox

cityfarmer said...

Can't wait for a farmgirl visit.
I am so enthralled with all of this creativity flowing through these pages.

God, I love Spring,too.
Your pics are snazzy!!!!

Missin you.

cityfarmer said...

Yes, I would call this a!!!!!