Sunday, May 14, 2006

THIS is what was waiting!!!

When we got home from our fabulous 3 day weekend in the burbs, we had SPRING waiting! Lilacs growing in my mom's yard...lilacs that we planted nearly 17 years ago! My step dad KNOWS I will be taking cuttings for the next few weeks!

Flowering chives growing in front of my gi-normous planter...a planter soon to be filled to overflowing with annuals.

And last but not least....FORGET-ME-NOTS!!!! So bright, so cheery, so....springy!!!
GOD, I LOVE spring!
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1 comment:

cityfarmer said...

The large moss filled urn is my FAVORITE.
Is that on your property or your Moms???

Could you put it in your will for this farmer.
I must own it!!