Saturday, June 10, 2006

And then there were four...

We are down to four baby ducklings from five. A baby and the mama disappeared yesterday. No idea what happened to them. We have seen weasels around the pond before, and Farmboy sat there with a gun for a few hours one evening a couple years ago, he was so angry about the weasel killing a couple of our ducks. But no luck. We had a female duck return today, but aren't sure if she is the mama, as the male ducks can't seem to leave her alone long enough to let her check out the babies. Farmboy says it's time for a male duck dinner...not sure if he is serious or not. But...those guys will NOT leave the girls alone. They are out-numbered!

On the brighter side, Aflac, our lone white duck, (female), returned a couple days ago after having been missing for nearly 3 weeks. No idea where she went. We kind of thought maybe she was sitting on a nest out in the field, but no babies came with her, so maybe she just took an extended vacation. Can't say that I blame her, what with all the lovin the males seem to want! (see for yourself...he has been following her around like a love-sick teenager!!!)
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