Saturday, June 10, 2006

Scenes from my garden

Perennial Sweet peas...they faithfully come back year after year, bigger and better.

Peony...After my sister passed away almost 4 years ago, a friend of her husbands gave me a teeny, tiny peony plant. It has grown up quite nicely, I'd say!

Here is a corner of my courtyard garden. I just planted a fall clematis that hopefully will climb the post.

Carpet rose in the backyard (one of 4)

This is my favorite time of year in the garden. Everything is fresh and new, smelling so darn sweet! First thing in the morning I take my cup of coffee and sit on the front porch and just take it all in. I wander in and around the gardens, picking at stray weeds (and thankfully, you can't really see the weeds in these photos!!!), deadheading my Jens Monk rose, and praising the Lord for His incredible creation.
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Joy said...

I love your gardens - just my style! :0)