Saturday, September 09, 2006


Picture this:
Hormel's thick sliced applewood smoked bacon, fried to a crispy brown.
A very thin layer of Hellman's light (to offset the bacon fat!)
Organic, heirloom "Scorpia" yellow tomato (two, thick slabs)
Six, maybe seven layers of organic sorrel (my NEW fave herb...crunchy, lemony, with a very slight bite)
All set between 2 well-toasted slices of salt-n-hot pepper sourdough bread.

Accompanying my sandwich:
A Rose from a sweet shop on Wealthy St....Art of the Table
No ordinary Rose...this is a Cotes du Rhone from France
Under $12 a bottle
My only question to the proprietoress....
"How do you think this will pair with a BLT this evening?"
She thought it would be fabulous
(I agree)

Alongside my BLT was just a few of these wonderful tortilla chips.
and her hubby brought this crunchy little number from the burbs a few weeks ago.
We later found them in our local Mexican grocer...the ONLY tortilla chip they will sell.

For dessert:
A tiny (and I stress the word "tiny") bite of a new favorite
Vosges Haut Chocolat Exotic Candy Bar
"Red Fire Bar"
Mexican ancho y chipotle chili peppers, Ceylon cinnamon and dark chocolate
This has just a hint of cinnamon, and when placed at the front of your tongue, the slightest bite of heat. As it melts, and leaves your mouth, a bit more heat evolves.
Not much, just enough.
What I cannot show you is a photo of Cyn chowing down on this feast. I can only assure you....
it was not pretty.
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Anonymous said...

Cyn, do you have any leftovers? LOL!!! That sounds like a very yummy meal!! The bread sounds delish! Hope your doing well on this Saturday night...Blessings my friend..

Aunt Jenny said...

Oh my..that sounds heavenly!!

cityfarmer said...

OK...where do I begin...let's begin with the wine...I have indulged myself with that label...another comprable label for great rose' ( you know deep down, I'm a rose' girl) is The Red Bicyclette...a cute little whimsical label that just beckons you to buy to the chips...I can't help myself...somehow the serving size (let's see how does it 12 pieces...yeah right...especially when dippin in that famous salsa of mine...

the sandwich looks like it floated down from heaven with little wings on..
you are such a good cooker.
Think I'll whip up some lunch and pour some rose.


Rosa said...

Gee, and you didn't invite me??? Looks soooo good, simple and good!
Oh btw, here's the info for the one-soul shoes! The Daisy Chain, 330 Mayfield Drive, Franklin. 771-0767. It's right off Carother's Parkway near Cool Springs in a little strip mall (Mexicali Grill). You'll love the store too!! Call first to see if they have your size. She was low last week. xoxo

Rosa said...

I posted that on the wrong blog, didn't I! Sorry. Gee, I've been away for too long, obviously. So solly! But, still, why didn't you invite me? hehe