Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I've been tagged by to list my top 10 favorite articles of clothing, so here goes

1. black peasant skirt
2. white peasant skirt
3. denim jacket
4. running shorts/bra/shoes
5. my new Audrey Hepburn black pants w/ black ballet flats
6. little black dress
7. "wooly mammoth" sweatshirt
8. crisp white shirt
9. blue jeans
10. pj's, around 6pm

Anyone care to join in?
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kansasrose said...

This will take some thought Cyn...I'll post it in a few days! Love your choices! ;)

kpjara said...

I wish I could 'pull off' those Audrey Hepburn black the commercial!

Wildside Musing said...

Well, hmm... I truly try not to allow myself to be too picky as most all my clothes are "gifts" or 2nd hand and I tend to wear them out as grubbies, then to rags... But I do tend to like vivid blues, reds too and anything that looks good enough and is comfy. And hey, I'll join in with the jammies at 6 PM! I do that too!

Since you asked (over at my blog), here's a book I think you'd really enjoy (not necessarily a french cookbook but it's french in theme and does contain recipes): "Joie De Vivre: Simple French Style For Everyday Living" by Robert Arbor and Katherine Whiteside. I think you may be able to read a sample of it and reviews at Amazon...

I bought it to give as a gift, but looking at it again now makes me think about hanging onto it to read... (Oh my, I'm the greedy one! ;-) )

Wildside Musing said...

PS. How did you get the music to play while we're all commenting?! Now, that's a big surprise...

"What I love about Sunday..." ???

kansasrose said...

Oh wildside I have that book and I was going to suggest it to Cyn too! It is an awesome book and so beautifully laid out and photographed. One of my favorites...Cyn you would love it too.

FarmgirlCyn said...

Music provided by:
Search for an artist or song. Go to "get codes". Choose the 2nd set of codes and copy. Go to your blog window where you would go to create a blog. Go to "template" Scroll all the way to the bottom of template, and paste in the code. Click "save template changes" or something like that. Then I think you go to "view blog". When you want to change the music, you have to delete the music codes from the template and insert the new one. BE CAREFUL! It is so easy to mess this stuff up!

kansasrose said...

Here goes...

1. White long sleeved Gap shirt

2. Blue jeans (of course but not those skinny stovepipe jeans...those days are long gone)

3. Wide legged soft wool pants in dark brown, black and grey

4. cream turtleneck

5. old Gap denium overalls

6. camel knee length wool coat

7. black, white, grey, red, lime long sleeved cotton t's

8. white cotton nightgowns

9. old avocado green handkinit sweater

10. flip flops and cowboy boots

one more? 49er green plaid wool jacket

homemakersheart said...

I love pj's by 6pm, by hubby would think I've lost it!LOL

Glad to see someone else where's flat's too. All these girls that wear heel's make my feet hurt!