Wednesday, September 27, 2006



Did I say I was into FRENCH cooking? This dish is definitely not French!
It is Polish!
My mothers side of the family is Polish, hence my love for kielbasa baked in beer, and galumpkis! This kind of weather, cool, damp, and dreary, brings out the "comfort" food side of me. And stuffed cabbage rolls is definitely comfort food!
My twist on the "cabbage rolls"?
Layers. Not rolls. Too much work.
1st: in a 9x13 pan, a layer of cabbage which has been boiled for several minutes to soften.
next: a layer of cooked rice mixed with raw ground beef and ground pork (which Cyn had to grind herself in her trusty Cuisinart, as the local grocer does not carry ground pork, and REFUSED to grind me a pork roast!!!), a chopped onion and a couple of eggs.
Next: a layer of canned, chopped tomatoes to which a bit of garlic, apple cider vinegar and raw sugar have been added. Repeat the layering process, ending with the cabbage, covered in the last bit of tomato mixture.
Bake: 1 hour or so, till meat is cooked through.
Serve with: here is where the French side of me comes in....a crusty loaf of French baguette! So yummy, and fabulous the next day, reheated for lunch, after one has been busy for several hours running one's stepfather back and forth to physical therapy appointments. And paying his bills! And listening to him fuss over my lack of weather info for the next 48 hours. And my lack of driving skills. And my....well, you get the picture!

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kansasrose said...

Oh Cyn...being in the roll of a caregiver with your stepfather can try one's patience...I will lift you up in prayer are so sweet for doing this for him amd I am sure he really appreciates the time you spend with him. This recipe just made my mouth water girl! I am printing this up now! My German ancestory mom made a variation of the cabbage rolls with tomato soup when I was young and I loved it! She would actually roll each one too and used white rice and hamburger. Yours sounds much tastier and just right for a crisp Autumn day! I have a recipe for Transylvanian layered cabbage casserole that is WONDERFUL. I am posting it on Halloween! These Central European recipes are so GOOD!;)

Amanda said...

Wow, what an amazing woman of God you are to serve as caregiver. Call it an honor I guess that God would call you to do such a job!! What a blessing you are to him.

Ajoyna01 said...

We got a craving for these last weekend also. Mom just happened to be here and so I picked her brain for her old recipe. We did hamburger and rice and onions and get this...I don't have a food processor so I GRATED ham by actually worked. Weird. Anyway, they hit the spot. You should change the name to Galumpki Lasagne!