Saturday, October 21, 2006


Ave (on the left) was invited to the local Homecoming dance by her best friend, Kearstin.
A first for Ave, as we have always homeschooled.
She has been so excited the past few weeks, as we shopped for dress and shoes.
Her sister Gina did her hair this afternoon, then off to Kearstins to get ready for the big night!

These two have been friends for the past 12 years or so.
Even after we moved about 10 miles from the old neighborhood, these two have remained best buddies.

Ave and me. Yes, she really is that tall.
I am 5'(on a good day).
She is 5'7".
Put her in 2" heels, and see what you get!
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Cindy said...

She's beautiful! Looks a lot like her mama too. Except for the height part! ;-)

My brother and I are the tall ones in my family, our two sisters are...well...shorter.

I hope she has a great and memorable time!

Wildside Musing said...

Both girls beautiful! Well, actually make that three of you!

cityfarmer said...

Well dahhhhlings...I'm just about speechless and you know that's a stretch for me!!!!!

Let me count the, black, glossy lips, fab hair, the best ever makeup job...on and on and on... I'm having tearfilled flashbacks from my girls and their dancing days from HS.

Can we all share in the after stuff more pictures?????

Did she have some perfume dabbed behind her ears?????

PamKittyMorning said...

You both look lovely!

Aunt Jenny said...

She is just lovely!! Looks alot like you cyn!!! I am 6 inches taller than my own mom. What a fun memory for you all. I can hardly wait until my girls are that age. Well...yeah, I can wait.They grow up so fast don't they??

Amanda said...

Awww, these are gorgeous! Momma looks good too! What a BLAST! She's just beautiful.....I vote for more pics afterward! :-) Hope she had a wonderful time.

kpjara said...

That's so cool! I can't get over the height difference, but both beautiful ladies!

kansasrose said...

Ave is just beautiful! And so is her momma. My almost 14 year old is 5 foot...tiny tiny....I am 5'6". And Ally has gown A LOT the past 6 months. Love the dresses and pretty hair. I showed this pic to Ally. She wants blonde streaks in her hair like Ave!

Run Around Paris said...

How awesome and exciting for her - beautiful dress, too! I hope it was a fabulous night!

Mindy said...

The two of you are just beautiful!!! I hope she had a great time at Homecoming!! Blessings to you and yours...

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

What a gorgeous picture of you and your daughter. She sure looks like you :)


Amanda said...

I have moved.

Cheryl Wray said...

What beautiful girls! And great pictures!
They just grow up too fast, don't they?
She will have a great time at the dance and festivities!

Homemakersheart said...

She is beautiful! Lovely dress too. Your pin on your sweater is very nice, I love to add things like that to my outfit. Nice touch.