Thursday, October 19, 2006


What do you call someone who knows EVERYTHING there is to know about knitting???
With that said, let me assure you...I am not a knit wit!
I learned from my grandmother probably 45 years ago, how to knit one, purl one.
And until last year, that was pretty much the extent of my knitting knowledge.
I hadn't picked up knitting needles in over 40 years, when a new knitting shop opened here in my small midwest town, and a love had been rekindled.
I took a basic knitting course last year, where I was taught some simple stitches, and created several handmade scarves and dishrags for Christmas gifts.
I am up for a bit more of a challenge this year, so signed up for a felted mitten class which I took last evening. I finished the right mitten this afternoon, with a bit of help from the shop owner, Phyllis. Tomorrow I begin the left mitten, then will "felt" them.
I can't really say that it is a relaxing hobby, as more often than not, I am poring over what looks to me like Greek instructions, and tearing out row after row of my hard work as I find I have missed a stitch, or slipped one, or purled when I should have knit. I CAN say that it is rewarding to look at something I have created with my very own hands, knowing there isn't another one like it in the entire world! And it most certainly keeps my mind sharp, as I interpret the intricate instruction booklets.
Stay tuned for an update when I get them both completed and felted.
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April 1930s said...

So do you knit throwing with your left hand or right? I haven't knitted in a couple years I don't think. I should do it again.

FarmgirlCyn said...

Even tho I am a leftie, i "throw" with my right hand.

PamKittyMorning said...

Pretty cute! I love making felted stuff!

Rosa said...

Whaaa, I want to learn how to knit!! I only crochet. Love that mitten!

Amanda said...

what can't you do!!!!!!!!!

kansasrose said...

You are a quintessential farmeress girl, I swear! I am a newbie knitter too...your mitten looks great! I get SOOOO nervous and frustrated while knitting! I am all thumbs. My sister is making felted bags. They are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Poor Grandma, her instruction lost on me...

Nice knitting.

(Wildside here as anon -- blogger won't let me comment for the moment as myself!)