Thursday, November 16, 2006


I'm not really sure if I have ever invited you into my home before!
Here is my fireplace, created, with love, by my husband.
The greens pretty much stay up all year round, with the twinkly white lights in place.

This sets on one side of our dining roopm table, changing with the seasons.
Any day now, it will be filled with snowmen of every shape and size.

This is to the left of our front door as you enter. It will be filled with old santas and snowmen as soon as I get a free afternoon.
I am SO thankful the lighting has disguised the dust bunnies!!!

This is a bookcase to the right of our front door. Old family photos usually fill this spot.
At Christmas, the current photos will be replaced with photos of Cyn and Santa, and the kids with Santa. I think we might even have one of Pete with the bearded man!
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Homemakersheart said...

Hey Girlie~
I love your greens on the mantel. I've been away, but posted today about it. It's long but full of testimony to God's grace in my life.

Missed you!

Amanda said...

The greens are so pretty and I like the big white Church....very cute on the inside. Can't wait for Christmas....decorations, family, food and lots of memories.

cityfarmer said...

Come on in...that's what that says to me...your the bestest ever hostess...and you serve up the bestest ever grub!!!!!!!!! 'er food and wine.

Katie said...

What a lovely snapshot of your house! Love the fireplace!
I bet it looks wonderful all decorated for Christmas...sigh, I'm not doing our house this year as we will be in the U.S...but I think family will compensate!

Amanda said...

Yeah, that's the one who is going to be leaving for Fiji as soon as he sells his home. He retires in January, you have an excellent memory!!! Thank you for the prayers, that is the best anyone can do. I appreciate you.

kansasrose said...

Oh Cyn I love your home! It does look warm and welcoming and "classic country style ". The fireplace is beautiful and kudos to your DH! I love the greens and your wine display! You have a good start! You have great style and ideas... What special wine will you be serving for Thanksgiving and Christmas? xxxooo

Freygirl said...

i miss you!!!

Wildside Musing said...

"I am SO thankful the lighting has disguised the dust bunnies!!!", you say.

OK, farmgirlcyn, I've been accused of using this "decorating tip" too. But thought it such a good one that I decided to claim origination!


Jammy said...

What a lovely home. I am thoroughly impressed though by that fireplace! I can imagine how proud you are of your DH...what a fine job!


cityfarmer said...

I'm peekin' in and I see alot of "stuff" that came from "stuff"

MISSIN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Mindy said...

Your mantle is just lovely! Love how cozy your home is! BLessings to you and yours..

Rosa said...

Everything is so nice. I love a homey home. I can tell yours is one. Thanks for the invite in.