Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Family Photos

These certainly are NOT photos of a beautifully set table. (which there was)
Nor are they photos of a picture perfect turkey, all crusty brown and tender. (which it was)
They are not even photos of the aftermath: destruction of the kitchen with dishes piled willy nilly. (most certainly THIS happened!!)
These are photos of what Thanksgiving is really all about:
Above is my sweet sis in law Camille and hubby Chris.

Our oldest daughter, Giselle, with her boyfriend John.
I must say: He is a good sport. He had NO idea what he was getting into by acceptng Giselle's invitation! We are hoping he comes back!

My sis in law Margie, with her hubby Tommy.
They flew up from Texas for the holiday.
The family is so large, that we all kind of divide and conquer.
We were able to see them later at Leigh's, another sis in law.
(Pete has 7 sisters and 2 brothers. Gotta love those big Catholic families!!!)

Camille and Cyn, out on the deck. I believe it got close to 60 degrees Thanksgiving!
Far cry from last years blizzard, and high of 11.
And that, my dear friends, is what Thanksgiving truly is all about.
I am SO thankful for my family.
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cityfarmer said...

May I just say..."I can see you now in your farm kitchen...servin' and meeting the needs of the guests in your heartfelt way.

Some of these kin, I've never met but when you're here you're family...

I can almost picture the brown crusty birs(s)

Next thing, you'll be seated at our table for a gourmet meal

Mindy said...

What great pics! Looks like everyone had a wonderful Thanksgving! Hope this finds you well and enjoying the day! Blessings to you Cyn..

Terri said...

Sounds like a happy holiday for you. You are certainly blessed!
Thanks for the "peek"
God bless.

Rosa said...

Amen! Agree with your sentiments, EXACTLY!