Monday, November 27, 2006

Bits of Christmas

A close up of the mantle, still a work in progress.
I love the little elf, found at a tag sale a couple years ago.
The Santa is one of 2 Christmas items from the estate of my dad, who passed away this past March. Being a bachelor, he had very little in the way of holiday decor.

Typically, we have done the mantle in lots of greens with twinkly lights, and not much else.
This year, we have taken some of our funky trees and scattered them among the greens, and an old window we sprayed with a bit of fake snow.

This old church is actually up year round in our kitchen window. I leave it lit 24/7, as a tiny beacon of light to anyone in the kitchen after dark.
It actually is a music box, and plays "Silent Night."

To the right of our front door. Also a work in progress.
The tiny snowman in the basket is the other of dad's Christmas decor.
There typically is so much to do in December, that I like to get a bit of a jump start with my decorating.
Tomorrow I will try to get the Nativity set up on the buffet, and the other snowmen and santas out.
Can't wait to see what others are up to!!!
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Mimi said...

I like the idea of incorporting decorations that have real meaning. I discovered this rather late, although I think I always knew it. Long story. But I like your decorating approach.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Your mantle is gorgeous!!


Amanda said...

Hey Hey, nice pics! So blessed you remember to ask about my dad. He goes for his first radiation injection tomorrow and at this point is lokoing like this will be a minor thing. THank you so much for keeping him in your prayers that means a lot to me, since most of my family are not Christians!

meresy_g said...

We had that Santa when I was a kid. Wish I still had it. Every now and then I see them at tag sales and antique stores,but they are never in good condition. It feels good to get the decorating done early.

Deb said...

I haven't even started my decorating, but I am certainly inspired to by seeing all the decorating going on. Your mantle looks lovely! Debbie

Mindy said...

Love the mantle Cyn! All your touches are just beautiful and so creative...the windowpane...great idea!

Yellow Mama said...

How fun! I have some ornaments which were on our tree when I was a child...bubble lights and santa bulbs. They don't work in anything now, but they are always out in an arrangement or wired into the tree.

This is our first christmas not having our eldest daughter's ornaments on the tree. She took all of them to decorate her "just married" tree.

I'm having her and our 16 year old pick out one Christmas Piece that they would like to have for their own. It may be an ornament or a candle or whatever christmas decoration we have.

I want them to have something they can take with them wherever they go that will remind them of our love for them.

I'll probably do this as a yearly offering...blessing to you

cityfarmer said...

Can I come over and play usual everything is cozy and says "come on in"

This gives us a tiny glimpse into your soul.

Jean said...

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!" Every thing looks beautiful!

kansasrose said...

I love your mantel too! The elf and Santa are so sweet. You are really sentimental and I like that about you. YA GOT SOUL GIRL!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Love the Decor!!!
It's "move over Martha" at the Farmhouse. I will post my photos tomorrow.
SOOOOO jealous of your little farm...been scamming on gettin' some chics for this spring but can't find any "laws" on the internet...hmmm...since when would I worry about laws???

Cindy said...

I'm still around Cyn, just not posting much, seems I get interrupted and can't get my thoughts together. But that's ok, the interruptions just mean I have people who need me! ;-)

Our Thanksgiving was great, I have a lot to be thankful for.

Thanks for checking up on me. I need that sometimes!! LOL

Love the Christmas decorations you have! I haven't put any of ours out yet. Will soon.

Take care.

Shabby in the City said...

I think the old window idea is on the cutting edge-cute!!!

lucy said...

Everything is looking so pretty! I love Christmas decorating, I've got to get going on mine. The earlier we start, the longer we can enjoy them, right?

Rosa said...

Oooh, I love your decorations. I especially love the little elf! Those are my favs as I remember them from my childhood. I began collecting them last year. I can't wait to pull them out and start decorating! Your mantle is gorgeous! Those river stones are awesome! Wow!!

Rachel said...

Whe I came you your sight this morning, I was reading along and then all of a sudden I thought I heard my next door neighbor blasting his Christmas music! But it wasn't their music. It was *yours*. :oD (My computer speaker is down on the floor and the volume was low but the base was up, hence, vibrating floors! :oD) Just thought I'd share. I'm still laughing. Very festive decorating.