Saturday, December 09, 2006


We all went "hunting" for the perfect tree last week.
This was it.
7 1/2 feet of Blue Spruce.

Sam and his cousin, Adam, took turns sawing, I mean "felling" the tree.
Since building our "little farmhouse on the prairie" 5 years ago, we have had a traditional, cut your own, real, live, Christmas tree.
And every year, by the day after Christmas, said tree has shed countless, pokey, prickly, sticky needles. And I am itching to take it down by Dec. 26.
Well, maybe we can wait till the 27th!!!
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Jean said...

Great ornament! What fun to cut your own tree. Memories that will last a lifetime !

Rosa said...

How fun. We used to always cut out own tree, but we don't since we've moved. I miss that smell. Nothing like it!! ho ho ho

one`blue egg said...

Hi farm girl cyn:) thanks for the visit and the comment, seems we have lots in common! cutting down our own trees and CHICKENS! love those aracaunas I have one & I get one pretty blue egg each day:)so fun! & I like to read all about your life and family, well thanks again, & * Merry Christmas to you!

Amanda said...

Nothing like the smell of a fresh tree...we don't have a real tree. Next year when my oldest is 4 we will start the tradition of going and getting one. Maybe we'll come to FarmCyn's house! ;-)