Friday, June 22, 2007


French Tarragon
Herbe au Dragon
This sad looking specimen of French Tarragon is growing(?) in my herbe garden. I do NOT know why it just lays (lies???) on the ground like that.

Be careful to get the French Tarragon, not Spanish or Mexican. The Spanish is used for dessert dishes, while the French is used mostly for main dishes.

Chicken Salad with French Tarragon and Peas

This recipe came straight from Kalyn of
Yes, I am a recipe thief. Actually, I have seen this recipe on a couple of different food blogs recently.
So who is stealing from who???
And, since you all KNOW this is NOT a food blog, I felt it was entirely appropriate to share this with you.
But, if you want the recipe, just click on Kalyn's blog name and it will take you directly to it!!!

PS Her finished salad looks far prrettier than mine. But you have to take into consideration that she does foodie photos daily, and I don't!!!


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tracey said...

No, no...never a food blog. Not your blog. Never.


katiez said...

It's growing like that because it's true French tarragon, not Russian, which is often substituted. It will eventually behave and grow up.... and spread... hopefully...

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I need a fork!

Aunt Jenny said...

Oh my..that looks so yummy..I plan to print out that recipe for sure. My tarragon has grown like yours before..this year it is fine..I wonder why it does that sometimes? Still tastes good either way..haha

one blue egg said...

oh here's that food blog I lost track of some time ago, I've been searching for it! It looooks so goood! xo to you!

Muum said...

We had some tarragon a few years ago that we renamed 'terrible Tarragon' because it was an invasive beast. Maybe one of the other kinds? good luck with yours!