Saturday, June 02, 2007


The center of the new flower beds, inspired by parisiennefarmgirl.

Different view, same bed.

Pancho, sitting amidst Lambs Ear.
(I found "Pancho" at a tag sale in the burbs of Chicago last year with Savvycityfarmer, and could not pass him up. My dad's nickname was Pancho, tho he was a full-blooded Frenchmen named Rene, but regardless, the cement version just had to come home with me!)

Courtyard in the front...Albie Darn strutting his stuff, just waiting till I let the hens out for his pleasure! He flies over and out by around 11 am, but they can't fly over the fence like he can, so they wait patiently till around 8pm, when I let them out for an hour to run around the yard. I have to wait till late in the evening as they thoroughly mess up the garden. I like to think of it as "damage control." I believe the hens think of it as a respite from the constant "demands" Albie puts on them!!!

An old Martin bird house, found at a tag sale a few years back. It sits to the left of the front porch steps. We just couldn't resist the "photo op", and tucked a red pair of shoes under it!
"Auntie Em!!! Auntie Em!!!


I planted a mini potager, with several varieties of tomatoes, etc, and lots of herbes!

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Jean said...

Your garden is beautiful! I love all your garden decor and the great shabby fence!

kansasrose said...

HEY your gardens! Especially the red shoes! :) We need to "talk" weddings and such! I'm already stressin' and it's a year away.

katiez said...

You're garden looks lovely! I want to sit in that chair with a glass of Sangria and commune with Pancho...

ShabbyInTheCity said...

So you are part french? Cool!
You could bundle up some Herbes de Farmgirl and sell them to us :)

oneblueegg said...

darn cutest garden ever! and that man rooster! makes me wish I would have kept mine:( my hens are all broody right now wanting so bad to hatch an egg they lay in their boxes and grumble at us when we come to collect the eggs:( poor girls! hahahahhaha!

Mindy said...

Your garden is just so pretty1 love the red shoes under the "house"!!! LOL what fun!

Rachel said...

Love your garden and that birdhouse with the shoes picture is so neat!!!