Sunday, June 03, 2007


I don't, as a rule, "name" my vegetables...I let the experts do that. For instance: "yellow pear tomato", "Supersweet 100's", "Cherokee Purple", "Jaune Flamme", "Globe Eggplant", "zucchini", etc.
This year, however, my chickens have played a dirty trick on me!
After meticulously planting my veggies and herbes, my hens tore through my beds did NOT touch the new baby plantlings...instead, they ran willy-nilly through the garden, tearing the carefully placed I.D. tags from each plant and tearing, then tossing them around the yard. I am now left to discern, as each veggie begins to bear it's fruit, what on earth I planted!!!

A couple of weeks after planting, and my tomatoes seem to be taking on super-human proportions. Could it be that winters worth of chicken s**t I so carefully tossed on the snowy beds???

No mistaking what THIS is!!!

Herbe Garden
Lots of parsley, basil, sage, thyme, rosemary (yum) marjoram, dill and garlic chives.

It will be weeks before I will be seeing ripened veggies, but on Tuesday I get my first CSA pickup! Sure to be lots of baby greens, radishes, and perhaps somebaby carrots!
I'M PSYCHED (or psycho!!)

What's planted in YOUR gardens?
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Laurie & Chris said...

I wish I had room for a vegi. garden. I plant some herbs in a clay pot. Parsley, chives(Reg and Garlic) and dill.

katiez said...

While I was in the U.S. mon mari fertilized my tomatoes (the only thing in my garden at the time) but didn't pinch them out. I came home to short, fat little tomato bushes. I attacked with a clippers and they are finally starting to grow up. LOL
Your chickens were just expressing delight at their usefulness!

HomemakerAng said...

WHERE did you get the windmill my dear>?>?> let me know if you ever see one of those buggers again, been looking for one! xoxoxo your garden looks delightful!

Lovella said...

you've got the chickens ripping through your beds and I have a scardy cat dog . .afraid of thunder. Those crazy farm animals.

You got to love chicken **** eh? Boy, does that make a garden grow.

Yellow Mama said...

Oh...I would so much like to have a garden, but it would have to be inside...

I am clueless about such, but am willing to any easy starts for herbs?

Kristen said...

I am so jealous of your garden! I have herbs planted, but thats it this year.

Lori said...

Your gardens look great. We have 3 tomato plants,LOL. Two cherry tomatoes and one Big Boy, Yoohoo!! But hey, I should post pics of them we aren't actually killing them already. They may actually produce!

Aunt Jenny said...

Your garden is so pretty Cyn!! I love it!
Your chickens are little stinkers!! Mine havn't escaped since the garden has been planted (most of it has now) they arn't usually nice enough to leave the plants alone.
Have a GREAT week!

Mindy said...

Your windmill is so cute! The garden looks very pretty and full of bounty! Blessings Cyn...