Monday, July 30, 2007



Tomato garden gone wild.
I am now reaping the problems of planting too close together. You can't see the tomatoes for the overgrowth! We finally took some yellow "DO NOT CROSS THIS LINE" tape, and tried to bind them up off the ground. That, along with some heavy boat rope, seems to be doing the job.
Note to self:

The new perennial bed with a smattering of annuals for that longer-lasting pop of color.

I am thinking these are four-o'clocks, but too lazy to check my books.
Whatever they are, don't they look like they glow in the dark?

Looking off my front porch to the right.
The boat in the background, unfortunately, does NOT belong to us!

Looking off my front porch to the left.

Front of house.
Yes, indeedy, that is very dry weedy stuff growing there. We have not put actual grass in, but act as if it is grass and mow it when it gets out of hand.

The dog days of summer are upon us, and it is really too hot to do anything in the garden except pluck some tomatoes and a few herbes, and run the sprinkler 1st thing in the morning. This has been a really fun gardening year for me, as we made a few significant changes in the yard, and I hate to see it coming to an end. With the new pool in the backyard, I am spending less time in the front, where the gardens are, and more time lolly-gagging on the deck with a good book or two.
What are YOU doing to keep cool where you are???
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cityfarmer said...

I guess the hose with the sprayer turned to "mist" is my only I laid there yesterday in the sun with the hose as a weapon in my right hand...I could not help but think you lollygagging in your new pool...sigh

we are blessed with central air...and when I walk inside for a few minutes I am always grateful for that....

Jean said...

Love all your gardens! The faded picket fence and all you "stuff" is wonderful! Thanks for the tour!

katiez said...

Sigh....., it IS cool here! No tomatoes, my garden is overrun with big leaves but no veg... we need sunshine and warm weather!
Wouldn't be nice if we could trade a couple of degrees?
Your garden looks lovely and I always do that with my tomatoes... It's such fun in the spring!

Laurie & Chris said...

Love your gardens and all of your extras.

HomemakerAng said...

lookin good!!! thanks for letting me borrow all of your table cloths for the day! I have the throw up flu starting this morning... :(

Aunt Jenny said...

I LOVE your garden pictures..your place is adorable.
I don't have self control with tomatoes either and have alot of too close plants too..wouldn't be August if I didn't get all green reaching and pulling and searching for the ripe ones in a jungle of plants!!
It is hot here too!

kansasrose said...

You have my idea of a perfect country garden and home! I love it! I'll join ya lollygagging by that pool too! I douse my head in the garden hose now to keep cool when "chorin'". Our mud hole of a pond is just that...a gross mud hole full of frogs and other creepies. :O AC is the best...and a glass or two of chilled Sav Blanc. Your tomatoes look healthy! ;)

Mindy said...

Such beautiful gardens! The photo of the front of your house looks so picturesque and charming..Love it!

Homemakersheart said...

I love your garden. It is a dream. I hope to have a garden by next spring. To much work to do on the house right now before winter sets in. Winter..what's that?

Joy said...

I'm staying in the house and moving furntiture around! lol I always LOVE seeing your pics... :)

p.s to your question - my couch does have a slipcover but it's not shown in that pic. Also, that is my kitchen, not livingroom :)

Lori said...

You have beautiful gardens. Looks so serene and peaceful. I want to jump into the pictures. You know, like Steve on "Blues Clues" can do?

Linda said...

Very cute yard. To keep cool, I sit in the shade and read. There is usually a little breeze here which reall helps. However, it was 50 degrees this morning! I wonder if Autumn is going to make an early arrival?