Tuesday, August 07, 2007


City Farmer and her soul-mate/hubby, Don are coming to town!
(Joy & Don on the left, Cyn and Farmboy on the right)
We have known Joy for nearly 20 years, and Don, well, he fit into the equation right nicely about 12 years ago.
I can't explain the chemistry here...let's just say when like-minded folks get together, the fun begins!
Upon arrival, the gals pop open the vino, and the guys get a beer.
Who can blame us?
It has been a long, grueling 4 hour trip!
The boys will play horseshoes or darts till the cows come home. The gals will hit a few tag sales, the Farmers Mkt., and whip up a tasty, quick supper. If the weather permits, a campfire down by the pond will be the final note for the evening.
First thing in the morning, whoever's up first, starts a pot of coffee. Usually it's just Joy and I, as the men were down by the dying embers far longer than us. We spend a great deal of our time together talking about what the Lord has been teaching each of us, and comparing notes. Inevitably, the Spirit is moving in the burbs of Chicago in the same manner as here in midwest Michigan. Sometimes we do a project together, with Don helping Farmboy, and Joy helping Cyn. It's always the other way around when we visit there. I take advantage of Cityfarmers vast artistic talents as I ask design questions, and put her hand to paint brush for any special touches I have been longing for! Don is always ready to answer geeky, computer questions, and doll up my blog as he so graciously did last year, as well as help Farmboy with any "grunt" work.
We are psyched for fun, and counting the days.

I hope YOUR week-end plans are as exciting as mine are!

Whatcha got goin on in your neck of the woods?
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cityfarmer said...

We will have lots to blog about after this....you two mean the world to us and NO we are counting the minutes....you did however forget to mention that we will be hanging in your POOL....the highlight of the trip for me.....to do do NOTHING....tick, tick, tick, tick!!!!!!!

cityfarmer said...

Ooooh , we are so cute....wish I could get my hair to do that this summer.....way tooo much humidity....nobody can cut it like Gina...wish I could let her loose on it again.

Joy said...

Ohhh, that sounds like so much fun! Have a wonderful time together...:)

Lori said...


kansasrose said...

Give each other big hugs for me! How I wish we all could meet and talk about the Lord..shop and cook and pop some vino corks! :) Heaven to be with sisters in Christ. xxxooo Have a Blast you two!

katiez said...

What a wonderful weekend you'll have!
Enjoy and treasure every minute!

Rachel said...

Ohhh, sounds like fun, fun, fun!! You all look terrific! It's great that you are such friends and hit it off so well!! Enjoy!!!

Here, I'm just trying to stay cool. It's HOT!!

Aunt Jenny said...

Sounds like you guys will have so much fun!! Have a wonderful time.
Oh..check out my blog...it is award time for YOU!!

carl h. sr. said...

Reading your blog and seeing your attitude and priorities,is soooo
refreshing and encouraging.
Watching the news,and reading the paper,it is easy to forget how many
great children God has!
Seems like the stinkers always get the lime-light.Still they are His children,we have to keep that in mind,don't we.