Thursday, September 13, 2007

Memere's boy

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have our grandson Austin living with us for a season. He is in the 1st grade this year, and when he comes home from school it is a real challenge for me to find something other than TV or vidiot games to keep him busy.
So yesterday he helped me form the rolls for supper. Something his mama used to do, as well as all the other kids.
What kid can't form a ball???
Unfortunately, one roll was all he ate for supper, as he wouldn't even taste the homemade chicken noodle soup. (with handmade noodles, no less!)
The child likes "chicken nuggets", hot dogs, garlic toast, pizza,(the frozen style), raw carrots or broccoli, and peanut butter on toast, and sugared up cereals. Oh, and box mac & cheese.
Refuses pretty much all other foods.
What's a memere to do?
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Nunnie's Attic said...

I'm so thankful that my kids aren't picky eaters. And my Austin eats like a cow. Weighs about the size of a bird.

How about penne? I don't know of many kids who won't eat that. My sister's son is finicky. And that's his favorite meal. Penne and red sauce. Just a thought. Good luck and good for you for not letting him rot his mind on video!!


Laurie & Chris said...

Good luck! At least he is helping you make dinner even if he won't eat much.

HomemakerAng said...

without any choices, he might really dig memere's homemade chicken noodle soup REAL QUICK! he doesnt know what he is missing :)

i just got in, 545pm

hope everything is ok!

cityfarmer said...

I'd eat your soup any old day...just so long as I could have as many rolls as I want....oh and a glass of vino....I'm not picky....Bless you and P.

LBP said...

So many of my friends kids will only eat McNuggets and box macaroni and cheese. I can't get my son (15) to eat prepackaged foods or many fast foods. He's so spoiled. He likes Mom's homemade stuff better. Your grandson probably will too, in time.

Rosa said...

Love that word, vidiot. Funny. I know it must be hard, but I'm sure he will eat when he gets hungry. I would love one of those rolls and soup! I made soup tonight too!! Hang in there.

Mindy said...

Lucky lil man to have his grandma taking such good care of him! By the looks of the pictures of the foods you make...he is in for quite a treat!
Blessings to you and yours,

Lovella said...

You are one clever memere.
I love homemade noodles in chicken noodle soup. Give him time, real food will begin to taste fabulous to him.
I'll be thinking on you and prayin'.

Kerrie said...

What a sweet little guy you have there...Give it time, he will love all that you give him...every thing is so new..
A whole new way of life, a good life..Most of all,he is getting the cuddles,love and guidance...the appetite will come!!
Love your memere name...Where and or how did you come up with this??

Homemakersheart said...

Hey Cyn, I'm like to give advice b/c I don't know what is best for you and your situation, so I will share my experience.

From my experience, I slowly quit buying things and encouraged the kids to help make the meals and teach them about cooking, just like you are doing. At first I quit buying cookies etc, then I quit buying sugar cereals I still allowed them to pick but it had to be healthy. Then for snacks I only bought (with their input)fruit and granola bars (or granola and yogurt). Both girls started digging out my cookboooks and would "create", not something I would eat LOL, but they got the basics from a cook book.

Your grandson might be open to helping you and maybe "creating" for himself with you supervising. The process to convert them will take a little creativity on your part, though I do agree with Ang, if there is nothing they will eat it.
Oh, I kept pizza in the meals but only on Saturday nights which in our house is family night: Pizza and a movie. We would make pizza or buy.
I wish you God's peace on your journey God has set before you. With Him all things are possible.

Linda said...

My grandsons are the same way. There is just too much processed food out there and most kids seem to prefer it. I often wonder if that's why so many children seem to have food allergies. In any case, good luck.

katiez said...

You'll convert him to real food! When he helps make it, it gives him a reason to eat it...pretty soon he'll be eating it all.. I have faith!