Monday, September 10, 2007


Where were you when the world stopped turnin', that September day?

I'll never forget.

Sitting at my kitchen table, ready to start schooling my kids (we homeschool), catching a bit of news on my tiny kitchen TV.
First shock.
Then horror.
And finally numbness.
And a desire to hold onto my kids and my husband.
To find out if my other kids were doing OK.
And hold 'em all tight.
And pray as never before.

May God continue to bless America.
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Nunnie's Attic said...

I love the flag. My flag pole blew away during a bad storm last year and I haven't replaced it yet. But my porch is decorated in all RW&B.It's hard for me to believe that was 6 years ago already.

Check out my blog - I had the same thought in mind.


cityfarmer said...

Still seems too very surreal...I was in the basement working out and the music was interrupted for a brief time with news from New York...I ran upstairs and watched in horrorthen you and I talked and while we were talking the second building was hit as we watched live...hubby was in Chicago at the Merchandise Mart owned by the WTC..I called and pleaded for him to leave his meeting...the comuters were jammed... truly everyone was scurrying to get home to the burbs to their family's arms.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lords delivers them from them all.

Laurie & Chris said...

I still remeber that day so well and its been 6 years I can;t imagine what people are feeling today that lost there loved ones. My couson was supposed to be at a meeting that day in the towers and in was cancled but no one in the family new he wasn't there. Thank God he wasn't there.

Rosa said...

We had just moved from my home of DC two months before. My mom lived 1 mile from the Pentagon. My brother works right at the Capitol building. My husband's family all work in Manhattan. It was pure hell for over two hours until we found everyone safe. I felt such guilt not being able to be at home helping. Who will ever forget. Shame on us if we do.

Lovella said...

As Canadians we felt very much a part of the horrific scenes unfolding. We were woken by our son as he heard of the beginning of it and then we watched in disbelief as it went on and on.

My cousin and his wife were just about to travel up to the top of the towers to sightsee. Everyone has a story, about it don't they?

katiez said...

And may He bless the rest of the world as well.