Saturday, October 20, 2007


Details of the old, down-filled sofa I found this summer at a consignment shop.
The original sofa is a bright, yet creamy, yellow. Lovely, perhaps, in a more formal setting, but in Cyn's little living room, it was just too much. I bought it with the idea that I would have a slipcover made for it, and I knew just the gal who could do it. Joy hooked me up with her sister-in-law who does upholstery and such as a side job, and when her schedule allowed, we brought it to her shop.
10 days later...
Just what I wanted.

Feminine and shabby, but not over-the-top.
I had wanted something very neutral and very washable.

I found linen to be exactly the look I wanted.
Soft, yet rumpled.
But...was linen washable?
Even tho the instructions on the fabric said to dry clean only, I knew from experience that linen COULD be machine washed. The sales lady suggested I buy a 1 foot piece, and go home to wash it, measuring after it was washed and dried to see how much shrinkage there actually was.
About an inch per foot, which was perfect.
So, 30 yards later (we also had a small swivel rocker slip-covered), and a major trip to the laundromat, we were good to go.

These 2 armless chairs with coordinating footstool, were bought from Joy this summer.
The sofa is so neutral that it is a perfect match.
This has been a long time coming.
Before I found the screaming vanilla sofa this summer, we had a hunter green, art deco, mohair sofa and matching chair. I really didn't mind it, but my kids said it felt like you were sitting on a brillo pad.
Goodwill was more than happy to take it off our hands, and more importantly, my kids were deleriously happy to see it go!
And now, we are all happy.
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cityfarmer said...

O mi did you sneak this past me ...AND we talked all morning...this is just what the Dr. ordered and we can truly see the handiwork of A. and all of her's the details!!!!

God love ya, girl, it's about time this little living room is your intimate domain....and I know you know just how to take that coming from me...I'm thrilled as pink punch that this is what you get to sunggle up on each morning with your private cuppa joe!!

bless you my, please of homecoming

katiez said...

That looks like an incredibly, comfortable couch - just hand me a book and leave me be!

Laurie & Chris said...

It looks great!! I think it look very comfy I'm ready to curl up.Also love the fabric you used on the armless chairs.

kansasrose said...

I adore the new slipcover! How perfect is this for your farm home!!! Send this talented lady down to Kansas hon...I have a few couches for her to do! :) :)

restyled home said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I firtst have to say...OH MY GOODNESS!! Tha slipcover!!! Utter perfection...I now want to run and tell my seamstress to STOP making mine while I go get a more plain fabric!! I don't think she'd be too happy, though...!!!I'm having slip-cover envy!!

daisy cottage said...

LOVE THE SLIPCOVER! What a fantastic job! Yummy!!!!!