Sunday, October 21, 2007


Avery (in the pink), and her bestest friend Kearstin.
Tho we homeschool, Avery gets invited to lots of the local public school functions.
This is her 2nd homecoming dance, and her "date" both times has been Kearstin.

I think they have far more fun going stag, then being stuck with someone of the opposite sex all evening.
They had a blast and made memories that will last forever.
Aren't they just 'bout the cutest things you ever did see???
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Holly Woods said...

wonderful things there, and i cannot wait to stop back.
But, for now, please join me in the "waiting" game.
Holly x

mgm said...

BeaUtiful girl! Thinkin bout cha! xo

& ditto on the going 'stag' !

Nunnie's Attic said...

They're both beautiful! Hope they had fun...


diane said...

Cyn~Remember me? Yes, I have now put you on my links, as I want to keep up with you! Your daughter & her friend are simply stunning! My daughter is approaching 32 in December, and I remember well she & her bestest friend Laura going to alot of school functions stag! God Bless and please keep in touch with me!

cityfarmer said...

mere words cannot express this (these) beauties

Aunt Jenny said...

How cute they are...and I bet they had a blast! Won't be more than a couple years until my daughters are doing the fancy dress up dances...seems like they were 6 and 8 just yesterday!!
They sure grow up quick..don't they???
Have a great week!

LauraS said...

One word - stunning! I am glad to see that Avery still gets to enjoy the functions that her friends are going to. As a fellow homeschooler, I know that integrating your children into the community can often be a worry!

kansasrose said...

Darling young ladies! Your Ave is gorgeous and I love her dress! What a sweet time in their lives!