Tuesday, February 05, 2008


It's pretty bad when all I have to "talk" about are some silly vignettes in my kitchen!
Regardless, here are some of the special things I have in my kitchen window.
I have always loved those glass cloches seen on the pages of Romantic Homes and Country Living, etc. But...have you ever priced them before?
So at Goodwill last week I spotted a round cheese board with the glass dome cover for like $2!
Snapped it up, put my wildly out of proportion birds nest/birds/egg on a pretty plate and...
Sittin' pretty on my kitchen windowsill.

Some white ironstone pitchers with various greens, sitting near an old wall lamp I use as a night light.

Some lemon thyme I brought in from the herb garden before the 1st frost.
Next year I will try that with some of the other herbs. It has been really nice to just snip a bit whenever I needed some.

You can't really see this little guy very well, as the glass really distorts his sweet face, but he is a teeny tiny snapping turtle we found in the garage this fall. Yes...THE GARAGE!
How the heck he (or she...how can you tell?) got in there is beyond us. I am thinking they are usually dormant or hibernating or whatever it is turtles do in the winter, as he is very lethargic. He perks right up when I clean out his bowl, tho! Put some fresh floating turtle yummies out for him, and he goes to town!

Hope you enjoyed a peek at my huge kitchen windowsill. There's more, but we'll save it for another time. That's enough stimulation for one day!

Hope you are all surviving the winter. We have another 6"-12" of snow coming our way through tomorrow. That's OK, tho. Just giving me that much more to look forward to come spring.
Have a most blessed week everyone!
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kansasrose said...

I love this! These kinds of posts are great! So refreshing! Cyn, you are the only gal I know that keeps a snapping turtle on her windowsill...that's part of the reason why I adore ya! :) What is the turtle's name? Love the bird under the cheese dome too! CUTE! We are getting your snow right now...hurry up spring!

a said...

NOT silly at all:) the little things are the 'stuff' of life...and hey how much weather can we talk about??? stuck inside today...hope you're cozy too! xo

kansasrose said...

Cyn are ya gettin dumped on with tons of snow? We got 7 inches of the white stuff and just down the road in Abilene they got a foot! I almost got stuck in a drift going in DH's pickup to get DD from school. OY! HUGE drifts. stay warm and safe hon! gonna check on Joy now.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

This is a perfectly good thing to post about! I also love the cloches and anything nature related under them! I love that mossy pot too and I read somewhere to paint new ones with buttermilk and set them under the house for a damp place for the moss to grow!

Anonymous said...

Love the birds. I used to stop and bring every turtle I saw home. My first home when I was single I had a large pet turtle and had painted him so pretty. Oh my wild dats lol.