Thursday, February 07, 2008


The people have spoken, and Spartan has heard their cry of deliverance from hormone laden milk products.
I have not bought our local grocers store brand of milk in quite some time, as they were using cows treated with the growth hormones RBST/RBGH.
A couple of days ago, while hunting for the more expensive, name brand milk that advertises NO growth hormones, the dairy manager informed me that Spartan has made the switch and I could go back to buying the store brand. At nearly a dollar difference in price, I am happy to do it!


We CAN make a difference!
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HomemakerAng said...

this is AWESOME! been paying lots for land o lakes but that was until we got the GOAT! havent bought milk for quite a while, but this is great to know!

thanks for sharing!

Rosa said...

Amen! What is wrong with these people? Why shoot them full of hormones, especially when they produce enough already. Sick world.

kansasrose said...

Fantastic! Gives one hope on consumer pocketbook power! Thanks for mentioning this!

Aunt Jenny said...

Yay!! I love to hear things like that. I am one that (when Mona is dry) will for sure buy the more expensive kind to get the best for my family..but is wonderful when a company LISTENS!!
I am hoping to not have to buy milk for a couple months more now.

cottage remnant said...

Well it's about time, I'd say. I saw something the other night on t.v. about a great idea someone had to give the cows an antibotic against "mad-cow". So I guess we will be ingesting that as well...Yuk!!!!
I must look to see if they sell a similar brand here in Canada...I would hope they do.

Thanks for the heads up.