Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Not really!

But...We really DID work out at 8am.
ALL 3 days!

Something we always look forward to is the opening of what we call the "goody bag".
Most of the time it is stuff we have found at tag sales, Goodwill, or something out of our own house, that we just KNOW the other one will love!
As always, Joy hit it on the mark!
I got sweet pj's from Victoria's Secret, a cast iron rooster doorstop, a new bag of socks, french soap, perfume and perfume samples, etc!
AND...the darling "C" bag that everything was stuffed into!

On Friday, after stopping at just a few tag sales, we headed over to Homemaker Ang's for lunch!
What a treat that was!
Ang is a true farmgirl, but cleans up right purty, yes?

Here we are in front of their tractor, with the little chicks at our feet.
The light colored ones will be dinner sometime in the next few weeks!

We are already planning our next visit...sometime in May we will be heading West to the burbs.
Then in June we'll see each other again for Nic and Victoria's wedding.
And they come back to us in August, when the pool is at it's warmest, and we are pretty much guaranteed incredibly warm days in which to do absolutely nothing but vegetate by the pool!
Yup...we pretty much have it all laid out and penciled in the calendars!

Till May, my friend!
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Rachel said...

What a wonderful visit the two of you had!! I love all the goodies you got. What a wonderful idea!! It's great to have such good friends like that!!

a said...

How fun! Friends are the very best thing. You guys look great (ang too) !

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are both having a great time. Glad you could spend time with your friend.

cityfarmer said...

Oooooh, we are so cute.

Mere words...cannot describe our 60 hours....I plunged into the garden today...coming along

Rosa said...

May is right around the corner. Looks like so much fun--except the working out bit!

Homemakersheart said...

What a gift to have a friend like yours! And how exciting to have plans to visit in the near future again.
I like the nap idea at 9! LOL How can I work that into my job as a homemaker?